(No Brand) Maestro-Lithuania

(No Brand) Maestro-Lithuania Blade
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Speed 9.0
Control 9.0
Stiffness 7.0   
Hardness 8.2   
Consistency (not rated)
Overall 9.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 8.0 / 10
Control 9.0 / 10
Weight 90
Plies 7
Materials Dark wood (top), sapele
Thickness 5 mm
Maestro Classic Type Table Tennis Blade

These blades from an artisan builder from Lithuania, sometimes are sold at ebay. Their characteristics vary from OFF, with weight up to ~100 g, to ALL, with balsa core and ~65 g weight. The quality/cost ratio is very high, finish of blades is VG to Excellent.

General characteristics are:

Epoxy Technology - selected veneers are not glued with a normal glue, but with Epoxy resin.

Thermo Technology - selected veneers with epoxy resin are pressed together and treated in 50 degrees. During this process the epoxy resin liquefies and penetrates better into the veneers. The final result - extra sensitivity and harder feel.

Tung Oil Technology - selected veneers are treated by Pure Tung Oil, which provides a hard, smooth and tough surface finish.

Musical Wood Veneering Technology - using wood veneer, the original wonder fiber, is ideal in creating exceptionally good looking and sounding table tennis blade.

French Polishing Technology - the handle wood finishing technique that results in a very high gloss surface, with a deep colour and chatoyancy.

Reviews (1)

jasa  on 10/26/2014

I use this blade with Tibhar 1Q-XD 2.2 mm at FH and SpinLord Tiger 2.1 mm at BH. This particular Maestro model is OFF, and weights about 95 g. It has a size of just 150 x 152 mm (small than usual blades) what helps keeping the weight of the mounted racket at 182 g. It is very stable, little vibration, VG for topspin, VG for blocking, VG- spin at serve (will improve as rubbers get a bit older and softer), VG control, excellent AN handle. To summarize, it is a beautiful blade with very good playing characteristics. Get one soon if you can, suited to your playing style, before they become known in the TT community and become a rare finding...

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