OSP Virtuoso+

OSP Virtuoso+ Blade
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Speed 8.5
Control 8.8
Stiffness 4.8   
Hardness 6.0   
Medium hard
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 7.0
Control 8.0
Weight 85-90
Plies 5
Materials Limba-Limba-Samba-Limba-Limba
Thickness 5.75
There are 2 users using the OSP Virtuoso+.
For those who needs faster blade than Virtuoso but prefer 5 ply behavior.

The speed of that blade is close to Ultimate. Due to 5 ply construction Virtuoso+ is a lighter offensive blade with harder touch and less flexibility than its OFF- brother. Provides slightly more direct touch besides almost the same arc with a bit less spring effect than Virtuoso. Works well from further distance.

Reviews (5)

AndySmith  on 7/25/2012

Compared to the original Virtuoso, this is a bit stiffer and harder. This results in a noticably faster blade, and it gets the edge in blocking and hitting. The V+ is just as well made as the V, and has a great balance unless paired with really heavy rubbers. So, if you tried the V, but wanted more power and a harder feel, the V+ is the answer. And OSP's ELCON handle is so, so comfortable...
Nate4s  on 4/10/2018

This blade is beautiful, aesthetically speaking. The finish, especially on the sides and edges of the blade, are the best I've ever seen (most of my personal blade experience is with Butterfly products made in the mid 2000s). I purchased this blade because I wanted something with more "wood feel" than my Michael Maze, but with similar overall playing properties. Also, I wanted something that would be considered a step up from a blade like the Butterfly Korbel (which I used for many years). I had never played with an OSP before this blade, nor a Nittaku Acoustic/Violin, which I considered the metric for highest quality all-wood blades - in the end, I decided the handmade aspect of the OSP added something over the Nittaku. The handle shape (I chose FL) is very comfortable, and while I've only played a few hours on the new blade, the finish of the handle allows for excellent grip after my hand gets sweaty. The feel and control when hitting the ball is really the highlight of this blade, which is a step above anything I've ever felt before. As expected, it is slower than many blades out there; however, in the grand scheme of things, it's still quite fast. I cannot imagine the speed of the blade negatively impacting performance until at least USATT 2,200+ play - but this is just hypothetical since everyone plays and values things differently. For me, the feeling and feedback you get from this blade adds an additional positive component to the entirety of the table tennis experience.
silva  on 6/20/2012

i bought two of these. it is quite a fast ALL WOOD blade with good control. i was using Nittaku ALL WOOD blades before this and to my pleasant surprise, this has replaced my very expensive Violin and Tenor. very well balance blade for looping.
queensryche  on 5/9/2011

For me is better than tehe normal version. Very good spin and control. The speed is off. Faster than popular Butterfly Korbel. My favorit blades are DHS Hurricane King and this.
ospblades_com  on 12/4/2010

I've had two sessions this week with Virtuoso and I must say I like this blade more and more

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