Sanwei BY1091 Even

Sanwei BY1091 Even Blade
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User Ratings (2)

Speed 9.2
Control 8.8
Stiffness 6.0   
Hardness 8.2   
Consistency 7.5   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.0 / 10
Control 9.0 / 10
Weight 88
Plies 19
Materials 10 layers of Wood and 9 layers of Soft Carbon
Thickness 6.4
BY-1091 is the most powerful blade among the Sanwei Even series, using 10 layers different wood sheets to match 9 layers soft carbon, that makes this blade contain both hard and soft characteristics. When attacking, the hard feature could increase the departing speed of the ball; when playing strokes close to the table, the soft feature produces high quality topspin to the opponent. This is an excellent choice for playing with the 40+ new plastic balls.

Reviews (2)

Equipment_Junkie  on 8/29/2017

The Sanwei BY1091 was very well designed by Sanwei. It is astonishing that 19 layers (10 wood and 9 soft carbon) has been clubbed together without increasing the thickness of the blade. This blade reminds me of the Yasaka Dynamix 17 blade which is a 17 layered blade. The difference is that Dynamix is an all wood blade and Sanwei has alternate soft carbon layers. Sanwei has proven their marksmanship in blade creation by producing wonderful blades over the years and this one is a masterpiece.
BMX2  on 3/15/2018

Played with it for few minutes not very accurate review I guess.But it a very fast blade,topspins are amazing,need super technique.Chops are great too.Feedback to hand is less than acoustic( as thats an all wood blade famous for feedback.),so basically no vibrations at all in handle.Will update more as I play more.Update 15-March,2018-->Blade is too good for chops and pushes,very spiny,very low,amazing ease of control.Vary fast blade,works very well with Rakza7 soft.

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