Sanwei F3

Sanwei F3 Blade
Approx. $ 33 USD
Price $

User Ratings (3)

Speed 9.0
Control 8.5
Stiffness 8.0   
Hardness 7.3   
Medium hard
Consistency 5.0   
Occasional variations
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 90g +/- 3g
Plies 7
Materials Ply wood, carbon, aylate
Thickness 7.1mm
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Reviews (3)

Welbz  on 12/4/2013

Loads of dwell, makes the ball spin big time!
GeralDINO  2 weeks ago

Meanwhile I have my second F3 blade. She weighs 80 g, this time, is faster, harder and has less control than the first, which makes her even more similar to my original Butterfly Timo Boll ALC. - Perfect !!!! After playing a Timo Boll ALC blade for half a year, I was looking for a comparable replacement blade. My choice fell on the Sanwei F3. This first Sanwei (with 78 g) is not as stiff as my Boll ALC (80 g) and the feeling is softer. The speed is slightly lower, but it is easier to control it. (Sanwei approximately "All+ / Off -" , Boll ALC "Off") I have glued the same rubbers on both blades !!! FH: Joola Rhyzm-Tech 2 mm, BH: 61 second eagle 2 mm. On my Boll ALC blade I play the eagle with 38 degrees sponge, on the Sanwei with 40 degrees sponge. (to balance the softer Sanwei blade in backhand!) All in all, my new "Sanwei" replacement blade is a bit more forgiving ( ...or good-natured). - Although this blade seems to be subject to significant material fluctuations I can only say, a really good blade for a very reasonable price !!!!!
jasa  on 11/8/2015

The Sanwei F3 is (supposedly) a mimic of Btfly Timo Boll Spirit or ALC. I got my F3 by ~27 USD and very light, as asked to the seller, ~78 g, quite lighter than advertised (90 g). The finishing quality of Sanwei is as good or better than the best european or japanese brands.

The F3 is being used with a Tibhar 1Q-XD in FH and a Mark V in BH, both max thickness. The combination is fast and wild, mainly at FH. It has a short dwell time, making hard to get arced top spin with FH. The FH block is hard to control, but BH block with Mark V is reasonable. The blade is good for pushing and even chopping, showing a good control in allround/defensive shots. On the good side, it is a light (170 g) easy to maneuver racket. It is a good blade for flicks, suiting a fast player with linear smash attacks.

Perhaps the blade shines more with soft rubbers that improve the dwell time and control. Cannot compare with Btfly TB blades, because never used any ;-)

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