Sanwei M-8

Sanwei M-8 Blade
Approx. $ 13 USD
Price $

User Ratings (6)

Speed 7.2
Control 8.0
Stiffness 3.7   
Some flex
Hardness 4.7   
Consistency 4.2   
Occasional variations
Overall 7.9 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 8.0 / 10
Control 8.0 / 10
Weight 80g
Plies 5
Thickness 5.8mm
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Reviews (5)

Amigo  on 11/4/2013

Great blade for 13$ :) !! Finish of the blade is excellent. All edges are nice and smooth. Head looks a bit bigger then regular, and handle is bit slimmer. Handle is about what you would find on DHS blades. This blade has 5 plies of wood with middle section lot thicker then the rest. I actually dont know what type of wood they used to make it but it looks totally ok. Thickness of a head is 5.8 mm as stated on the blade itself. It weights around 80g give or take few. I dont use this for regular play, so this review is based on robot play only. Blade flexes and vibrates ok amount. It is not the speed king but in my opinion it has sufficient speed for most people. Control is exceptional. Since blade is not fast and it provides a lot of feedback to your palm you can really feel the ball, so it is easy to keep balls low and short. I would recommend this blade as a developing blade for beginners or a great practice blade for advanced players. Since blade provides a lot of feedback it is very helpful with technique corrections and such. Personally i dont see this blade as a high ITTF rating player blade but for most "normal" players it will be great value for the money. Enjoy TT and have fun :)
hagupi  on 12/19/2014

This blade is really a do it all tool you can use whatever your lvl is. Lot of feedback with nice vibs but not too much, and the control is great, when you need power you just need to hit hard and the blade gives it to you. Looping is good, blocks are consistent and the short game is also good. The feeling isn't amazing but you just can't say the blade is bad cause whatever you do with it, it just do it, just like a good solid and reliable tool, and at this price you're not taking any risk.
dzincha  on 4/30/2014

Had a few hits with this blade+lkt pro xp: Looping is ok, a lot of feedback from blade. Flat hitting on fh nice. Of course slower than own setup, but for beginers is just right. On bh flat conact vibrated too much for my taste, maybe because of too soft rubber( i use ~ 47 degrees hard rubbers) But in play with loop was ok. Maybe rubbers with hardness ~ 42-45 would suit it better. Nice option for beginners.
2muchplay  on 4/17/2018

Cheap, amazing quality (especially for price), durable: the perfect beginner's blade. Honestly it's so good for the price you should just buy it and put some old or cheap rubber on it and try. Basically it's a budget Stiga all-round blade (unlike Stiga handles however the Sanwei handle is very small and thin, which may suck for you).
guybrush123  on 4/18/2014

A very bad blade. No feeling, no speed, no control, no whatsoever! The one thing i cant complain at is the finish and that it actually looks pretty good. All other stuff is abysmal. If youre used to ordinary Off or Off+ blades u gotta glue some speedglue on this to get some speed. I can think of one maybe possible line of work for this blade. That is a youngster that is going to have his/hers first gluesession. This is of course my solely experience, but that goes with the review.

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