SpinLord Carbon Strike


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Speed 7.0
Control 9.0
Stiffness 7.0   
Hardness 5.2   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 75 / 9
Control 90 / 9
Weight 75
Plies 5
Materials Hard Balsa, Soft Carbon, Oak
Thickness 6.5mm
The Carbon Strike also uses balsa as a core veneer in a thickness of 6 mm, but in a hard selection. The outer veneers are made of ash. 2 carbon inserts made of carbon fiber, the thinnest and softest variety of carbon, complete this wood.

The pace of the Carbon Strike is in the offensive all-round area or controlled offensive area. Due to a special glueing this wood is unusually elastic. Even \"normal\" balsa woods dampen in the passive game and accelerate on the offensive, in the Carbon Strike, these characteristics are unusually pronounced. As a result, blockballs (especially with short and long nubs) can be placed very short and flat behind the net. On the other hand, the wood plays in the offensive as if it had a built-in speed glue effect.

These features allow the player to master a higher pace than before. This wood also makes so-called combi-woods superfluous.
The ash increases the rotation values ​​of a wood, should be known. In combination with the dampening properties, this wood can therefore generate a tremendous disruptive effect.

All in all, this wood is suitable for material players, regardless of whether they play with anti, short or long pimples.

Reviews (1)

qozzie  on 7/7/2018

I changed to this blade from a Butterfly Gionis Carbon Allround which I found too heavy. I bought this in anatomic handle and it straightaway felt damn good in the hand. Many others have commented on how comfortable it is to hold. In the end I sanded down all the edges a little and its a dream! This handle allows me to incorporate more wrist action in my shots for more deceptive side spin on loops and counters. Especially, I am able to put more side spin on my backhand kill shots. Playing characteristics: great for all types of shot, loop, blocking and chopping. The soft carbon layer is easy to activate and adds the extra speed for placed kill-shots. Control is superb as is the huge sweet spot. The lightness of the blade means quick redirections of the arm and wrist are very easy as well which is great for blocking. As the blade is quite porous I would recommend sealing the blade.

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