Stiga Allround Oversize

Stiga Allround Oversize Blade
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User Ratings (2)

Speed 6.9
Control 8.8
Stiffness 4.0   
Hardness 3.7   
Medium soft
Consistency 7.5   
Always identical
Overall 8.9 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 70 / 127
Control 70 / 127
Weight 90 +/- 5g
Plies 5
Materials Limba outer plies
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A perfect balance between speed, weight and feel lies behind the Allround blades enormous popularity among competitive players, who choose the best. The thicker blade offers approximately 10% extra speed compared to conventional blades. Larger head offers extra stability of touch and feel.

Speed: 70
Control: 70
Veneer: 5
Available grips: Peter, Master, Legend, Winner, Penholder
Blade systems:WRBOversize

Reviews (1)

Woo  on 6/2/2010

This is a very usable blade for allround play. Does everything very well, from chopping to smashing. Best is looping. The oversize shape adds control and balance to the blade. Vey good control and excellent balance. Weight is usually lower than indicated. Havent weighed them, but Id say between 80-90 grams. I found only two minor down points for this blade: (1) a bit clumsy when playing low balls over the table, like pushing etc (due to oversize) (2) Like most Stiga wrb blades the handle is a little bit too hollow. Anyways, it does everything it is supposed to do, excactly as it is supposed to be done. So, mission accomlished Stiga! I rate it 9.5/10.

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