Stiga Carbonado 145

Stiga Carbonado 145 Blade
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Speed 9.4
Control 8.7
Stiffness 6.8   
Hardness 7.0   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.6   
Always identical
Overall 9.1 10
Manufacturer Details
There are 6 users using the Stiga Carbonado 145.
For the new Carbonado blades we have taken carbon blade manufacturing to a new level by using a made in Sweden carbon technology known as TeXtreme. The blades are built with five layers of wood and two layers of lightweight TeXtreme Spread Tow Carbon fibers. This unique and patented carbon is the first of its kind and has never before been experienced in Table Tennis.

The special TeXtreme Spread Tow Carbon is flexible in only one direction, either flexural or torsional, making it possible in the manufacturing process to adjust and improve the ball trajectory and speed to accommodate playing style. The two layers of carbon are applied in a 45 degree angle or a 90 degree angle.

Carbonado 145 is constructed with Carbon layers in a 45 degree angle with torsional bendability which gives the blade more flexibility and increased stiffness. The high trajectory makes it a perfect choice for the offensive player who looks for good speed and stability combined with excellent control.

The Carbonado blades offer the player a personalized Sweet Spot. The Carbonado 145 with torsional bendability gives a wider Sweet Spot.

Reviews (9)

Maroon5  on 10/23/2017

Very nice, fast, controlable blade, fast but not too fast, the dwell time is very very big so Topspins and Services will be loaded with spin, throwangle is high so Topspins against backspin are no Problem .
tomaschonnie  on 6/23/2015

got this blade as a replacement to the Ebenholz NCT 5. It's streets ahead: huge sweetspot; nice touch possible in the short game; fast when needed; very STABLE (like an old friend!). Well done Stiga.
halrui  on 3/30/2015

I got the Carbonado 145 on a very good discount from TTEX a month ago. It has Tenergy 80 on fh and bh. Initially I thought this would be a very fast blade for my style and level. (Previous using IF- ZLF). I was surprised. The 145 with the T80 rubber is perfect combination. Excellent control with great speed. The ball gets placed where you want it irrespective where it contacts the bat. I instantly started controlling and commanding the games in my club weekly tournaments. Drawback- compared to my Inner force ZLF the 145 Master handle feels great but is a bit rough. All in all this is a great blade by Stiga. Try it out.
timeout  on 7/21/2015

I have tried out both of the new Stiga Carbonado blade and I’m really impressed with both of these blades. I have played with them for a few practises and here is a short summary of my impressions. Both are offensive fast blades but not super fast, they both had an outstanding control (one of the best blades I have tried when it comes to feeling and control. The blades play pretty similar to each other but the diffrent between the blades is the angle of the carbon. Both blades got big sweet spots and every hit felt the same even if I was hitting the ball a little close to the edge. I used them together with both Calibra sound and Calibra Lt which I felt was a good combination. Both blades are suited for allround to offensive players who got a close to mid range game style. I have not fully decided which one of the 145 or 190 blade I will choose yet but I recommend you all to try out them both.
koko  on 7/3/2015

Got this blade from a month. My blade is 92 grams , but feel lighter.Handle is FL Legend - big and comfortable. The blade is really stable and solid. The feel is very good. You can place the ball where you want. So much control . My blade is not less then off + so fast , but really good control in a short game. The huge sweet spot . I was try many rubbers on the blade . Hard , medium and soft.Work with medium and soft better , becouse the blade is to fast and need less speedy rubber. The big minus is the blade is not so flex. Realy hard to produce dewil time . You have to make full swing. Overal this is the most stable, solid and control blade with i ever got . Got product from stiga.

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