Stiga Clipper

Stiga Clipper Blade
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User Ratings (48)

Speed 8.6
Control 8.5
Stiffness 5.8   
Hardness 5.7   
Consistency 7.6   
Always identical
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 7.2 / 10
Control 5.8 / 10
Weight 98g +/- 5g
Plies 7
Materials Wood
There are 16 users using the Stiga Clipper.
Famous throughout the world for its speed and appreciated particularly by players who want extra power behind their stroke. Clipper Wood is used by many Asian world class players.

Reviews (24)

seguso  on 3/10/2013

This is a great blade for loopers and blockers. the blade is great close to table, because it has good spin due to the soft wood, and has good control because of the stiffness. loops to kill are powerful, that's why controlled loopers (like me) may like this blade. block is great. The blade is almost stiff. you can still feel a bit of flex but much less than the Stiga Offensive series. I suggest heavy versions of this blade (92 grams and more) because otherwise you may lack the power to finish the point against dead balls, if your rubber is not very fast (no problem with m2, or coppa x1, or aurus, but serious problems with vega pro).
Frogger  on 10/11/2014

With advent of the 40mm ball this blade is a solid OFF class not OFF+. This blade is a joy to hold and is best for close/mid attackers who vary drives with loops. Slight flex when looping but strongest with blocks and counter attacks. FL handle was rough so needed sanding. Overall balance was excellent with nice feeling thicker than average FL handle. A great blade from Stiga for mid level and advanced players. Changed to a thick feeling ST grip. Provides less hand fatigue during long playing sessions and facilitates BH transitions. Other manufacturers take note. Clipper ST is the model for what an ST grip should be. Used by top players around the world winning many titles. Classic perfection.
caigichaduoc  on 5/2/2008

Nice feeling, impressive dwell time for an Off+ blade. A bit heavy and too thick. FL master handle is comfortable and best suitable for topspin strokes.
kayuhkuat  on 1/1/2018

90g. Soft feeling. If u feel pg7 is to hard then try this. Better for control. Price still on the middle side, not cheap. For built quality, stratus power wood is better,cheaper, and more wood feel. Overall it still a good blade that u should give a try to learn something.
nymose  on 1/10/2014

Straight handle. Mark V 1,8 on both sides. This blade is very good. Not as fast as one could expect from an off+ blade. It's very slow in the shortgame. When I try to topspin or loop the ball, it's still slow compared to flexier blades. I am not very good in looping. But that's one of the reasons why I bought this blade. I feel more confident in looping, Because this blade needs you to work more for the power. Normally I play with BT555 and cj8000 36-38 2.0 both sides. For passive play the ball goes medium-low. In the beginning I had problems getting the balls to the other side of the net. But when I started to put in more power, the ball went over. Like the high throw from the rubbers starts to kick in when playing more offensive. Again this blade needs one to put in own strenght to get out the power. I don't find clipper much better for smashing than BT555. But it's definitely much better for blocking. BT555 has more dwelltime and is better for generating spin. Clipper has a big sweetspot. I think clipper has better control for forehand looping. And BT555 is better for backhand looping. I actually think that low-level players can't go wrong with this one. The biggest reason why I bought this blade, is the handle. I think clipper and stiga straight handles in general is the best there is. Clipper is pretty heavy. But not headheavy. It gives a good balance for heavy rubbers. Only making it a little head-heavy compared to lighter blades.

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