Stiga Ebenholz NCT V (5)

Stiga Ebenholz NCT V (5) Blade
Approx. $ 137 USD
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User Ratings (33)

Speed 9.1
Control 9.0
Stiffness 6.3   
Hardness 6.7   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Plies 5
There are 5 users using the Stiga Ebenholz NCT V (5).
A speed elastic blade like Ebenholz NCT V is suitable for all playing strategies of modern table tennis. The high quality and unique combination of the best wood plies in Ebenholz NCT V guarantees ambitious players maximum control even with many variations of speed and strokes. Ebenholtz NCT V is a well-balanced state of the art blade that enables players of all abilities to play to their full potential.

Reviews (11)

seguso  on 9/23/2013

The perfect blade for loopers both fh and bh. The key feature of this blade is that it it is both fast and high throw. This is very rare. Caution: very flexible. you will have problems if you drive on bh! this is for bh loopers. Of course you can compensate for this to some extent with a low throw rubber such as coppa x2. Notice the flexibility of stiga blades varies a lot with the handle. I am reviewing the master handle (concave small). Straight handle usually makes the blade stiffer. hardness: ebony is just the right hardness for today's game: softer than koto but harder than limba (also harder than CR-limba). this blade is similar to stiga offensive CR, but is both faster and higher throw. It is also much more consistent / reliable. In short, more control. The higher price is totally justified. It has exactly the same thickness as offensive CR: 5.4 mm. (warning: stiga blades are not always consistent in thickness). speed: almost off+. Faster than clipper wood, offensive cr. Slower than clipper cr. the touch of this blade is great. Difficult to describe. There are clones around, such as HRT ebenholz V, but they are very different (much harder and low throw). Very good with M2 on bh. On Fh, I suggest T05 or evolution MX-P. Even M2 if you like medium hard rubbers on fh.
semiambidextrous  on 10/30/2013

Another blade way too underrated, may be even neglected. Not for BH drives, really, that is true. but for looping, and everything on the FH. Counter attacks are out of this world, blocking and smashing ditto. Because of the excellent touch, lobbing can be executed with the utmost ease, with freakishly precise placement. I got the Legend handle version, and by far the most comfortable handle I have had in the past 3 decades of play. Looks gorgeous, and the occasional re-gluing with free chack is like a birthday present - you will never have to worry about tearing up the layers. The seal it comes with is most phenomenal, whether you replace rubbers, or touch in real play. Among the very best all-wood blades out there, and the price is very reasonable .
Darthtony1985  on 7/19/2019

Having played almost the full spectrum of all-wood and carbon blades, Ebenholz still surprised me with its near-perfect balance of speed, spin and control. It doesn’t feel like an all-wood blade at all when it comes to speed, while one cannot ask for better spin and control at that speed. I pair it with Nittaku Hurricane 3 Pro Orange sponge on the forehand and Nittaku FastArc P-1 on the backhand. Works perfectly for me.
rota  on 7/5/2019

This is a good and solid off blade with the crappiest craftsmanship you can buy for 100 bucks. Ebenholz layer on FH is made by 3 pieces. Handel detached after two months. This blade has excellent playing abilities which I liked. But there are many equivalent blades for the same price with a better building quality.
njooharun  on 5/3/2017

This blade is good for getting speed and power and also has good control in balance. It is not so heavy, Mine is 88 gram. I put on FH H3 neo and BH Xiom vega pro. I can get feel the ball on blade when hitting. and I get more confidence to do every stroke and even touch play. It's very fast and spiny for looping and topspin stroke. I recommend this blades for players who loves power and control in balance...

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