Stiga Intensity NCT

Stiga Intensity NCT Blade
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Speed 8.8
Control 8.7
Stiffness 6.0   
Hardness 6.3   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.1   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
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There are 6 users using the Stiga Intensity NCT.
Intensity NCT is the 21st century light weight weapon! The Intensity has fantastic trajectory and good speed, while the light weight enhances the performance in all the best ways. If you are a controlled attacker you will like the outstanding balance between trajectory and control.

Reviews (9)

gabfod  on 1/8/2017

Hello guys! Stiga does not adv size and weight of their products. This one has Head sizes: 155 x 150 mm. It is actually smaller and lighter then my Bttfy Liu Shiwen which is 158 x 152 mm. A bit higher arc and nearly the same speed and control but feels more natural in my hands then my Liu Shiwen. Good control, dwelling time, consistency, sound and feeling in one blade. Absolutely well balanced. After 6 months using I realized this blade has more control after drying out. It was a must to get all from this blade. Performs perfectly from mid distance! I have straight handle and no problem for serving any of mine. If you are beginner better to use soft sponge rubbers on it. If you are experienced you can go for hard rubbers on it. Middle distance 10/10+ Long distance: 10/10 Blocks: 8/10 Loop 9/10+ Fantastic game sensation and enjoyment with my medium - hard sponge rubbers. Thank you Stiga. Well done!
njooharun  on 10/29/2016

I used this blade with Genesis S on FH and Calibra LT on BH, during this month. and I feel I don't want no more change my blade after I used Hybrid NCT. so I know why Xu Xin is using this blade. It is very light, I have 79 gr. with both rubbers attached on, not more than 180 gr. It has a good control, more dwell time and nice to be used for topspin and good for mid distance play. And also nice to be used for soft play and control in close to table. and when I used for smash, I feel getting catapult power effect and explode, and sound very nice. I can improve my table tennis play fast, because I get more control and I could feel the sense of hitting the ball on. I suggest everybody to try and use this blade, and you will get more control in your fast play.....
Loop  on 3/24/2014

It has lots of power and spin, but it's stiff, not for beginners. But high level players will love this.
TTCP  on 1/20/2018

I consider Intensity NCT the best blade out of everything I own. I have Stiga Infinity, Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon, Nittaku Violin Carbon, Stiga Carbonado 45, and Stiga Maple Wood V NCT just to name a few. The speed is Off-, but the control is definitely the best I’ve ever felt. Plus it has long trajectory with medium throw angle. There is some flex which makes looping very easy, but there isn’t any vibrations when you hit hard. The blade itself is also very light. The only thing this blade isn’t good for is blocking. Blocks are ok, but they are not that threatening unless you have good ball placement. But with its good control, you can easily make up for this shortcoming. All in all, if you want a light weight looping blade with excellent control, this blade is for you.
Vitoco1  2 months ago

Blade for loppers!!!

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