Stiga Maplewood NCT V

Stiga Maplewood NCT V Blade
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Speed 9.1
Control 9.1
Stiffness 4.7   
Hardness 5.5   
Consistency 9.5   
Always identical
Overall 9.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 0.0
Control 0.0
Weight 84g
Plies 5
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The Maplewood NCT V is a 5-ply blade that is exceptional for playing an aggressive game with control. An outstanding long trajectory when hitting spinny balls is a great strength of this blade, while extra touch makes execution of your shots a dream come true.

Reviews (8)

TTCP  on 9/28/2018

Stiga wasn’t lying when they advertised long trajectory for this blade. If you are coming from other brands, you will instantly notice how much more your shots tend to drift longer towards the end of the table. The blade is stiff with little flex, but it’s only about medium hard. It can pair easily with hard rubbers. I’ve heard some people complain about this blade being heavy. But mine is quite light (FL handle). Overall, its two great characteristics are long trajectory and good control. In terms of speed, it’s only slightly slower than carbon blades (comparing to ovtcharov true carbon and senso carbon). I’m surprised at how fast it is, considering it’s only a 5 ply wood. It’s definitely fast enough for me. If you want a good offensive pure wood blade, this is worth a try. UPDATE 09/27/18: I've spent several months playing with both Maplewood V and Stiga Infinity. Both blades are similar in terms of speed. Infinity has slightly less vibration and is slightly more stiff. Maplewood V feels slightly more flexible than Infinity and has a slightly softer feel. Overall, if you are familiar with Infinity, you should have no problem with Maplewood. It's softer feeling, but slightly faster than Infinity.
superspin  on 11/16/2016

Good blade better than ebonholzs 5. Maple wood have more control not jumpy like ebonholzs 5. trajectory is nice when looping. Well made blade.
OlaBonga  9 months ago

Top 5 all times!
katekarin  5 months ago

I play with it for 2 years now. The conical handle fills my palm compared to the slightly thinner anatomic handle, but both feel great. I have used Hurricane 3 Neo 41degrees and Yinhe Mercury 2 medium hard on my FH, Stiga Genesis M in my Bh and they all suit this blade perfectly. I now understand why the Chinese prefer hard, tacky rubbers on flexible blades. Hard rubber means high control. The flexibility of the blade compensates for the lack of speed of the hard rubber, increases the dwell time and helps generate tremendous spin. The top edge of the blade can flex a lot when I power loop, creating a small, controllable catapult effect which generates crazy spin and 90% of the time, gives me the point. Close the racket angle, let the blade flex, activate the sponge and boom! This flexibility comes in handy when I am far away from the table and I need the extra power, but also helps me finish the point when I loop-drive close to the table. Requires thick contact, the power-looping Chinese style of Ma-Long, Lin Yun Ju and the rest. Advance technique and footwork is the only option so only suitable for advanced, semi-pro level players. It is phenomenal when paired with Tenergy 05 Hard and Dignics but requires even greater skill to tame it. Stiga decided to discontinue this model but many websites out there still sell it.
dr4CUL4  on 8/5/2017

I use hurricane 3 on fh... Ak47 hard on bh.. Nice for looping, easy to lift heavy underspin while looping... Not super fast... Easy to do counter spin.... Hard tacky rubber on fh is this blade soulmate thing, coz this blade have a soft feeling like a def wood blade but this is an offensive one... Cons: not easy to glue a rubber on it...

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