Sword Gold Feather

Sword Gold Feather Blade
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User Ratings (2)

Speed 8.9
Control 9.4
Stiffness 6.0   
Hardness 6.0   
Medium hard
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 12
Control 11
Weight 85
Plies 7
Thickness 5.8

Reviews (1)

dr4CUL4  on 11/17/2016

2 plies of wood n then soft ju long carbon n then d wood center core... I previously own joola rossi emotion which have d same structure composition blade but not d samekind of wood n carbon to compare... Joola emo rossi is slower then sword gold feather... Jer is harder a bit then sgf... Jer generates more deadly spin then sgf with same rubber.... Sgf have better control then jer... Overall... for me... Sgf is better then jre... More enjoyable... More cheap... More fast... More control... Easy top spin n Easy for looping style play... No issues in bouncy... Feel like an easy wood blade like dhs pg7 on short play, but better speed when u smash hard then pg7... Lower arc a bit then pg7 with same rubber... But pg7 for me is easier for backhand play then sgf... Overall... Sgf same feeling with pg7 on short play... Sgf better on smashing then pg7... Pg7 better on backhand topspin then sgf with same rubber... I don't mastered d backhand looping with all blade.. Lol

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