Sword RG-SER90

Sword RG-SER90 Blade
Approx. $ 60 USD
Price $

User Ratings (2)

Speed 9.5
Control 7.5
Stiffness (not rated)
Hardness 6.7   
Medium hard
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Materials Carbon Arylate
Thickness 5.8mm

Reviews (1)

goforfun  on 9/18/2012

This blade is an assassin. It's really light and agile, but very quick and powerful. It does not have much for control though. Short shots are difficult. This would suit a very good player with exceptional attacking skills. Why bother with defence when you can attack with this one? I have played with many wood blades that show similar characteristics - good feel and power, but lacking a little grace. If you like wood blades with power but you want a little more consistency in the attack then get this one, but make sure you don't get lazy on your strokes as you'll find it has a slow gear when you put less swing in it (some will think the ball just ends up in the net for no reason.....). Sword blades have the best construction I have ever seen. They round the edges for us so well, that there is no doubt they have tested with players what feels best and every time I pick up a Sword blade by the way it makes me feel. If you ever get to see one, pick it up - it feels great! Oh, by the way, this is not a wood blade - I realise that. But it has this strange resonance that makes it feel like one. Quite different. I'll keep this one for attack and to practise my control more!

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