Tibhar Cedric Nuytinck

Tibhar Cedric Nuytinck Blade
Approx. $ 223 USD
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User Ratings (8)

Speed 8.1
Control 8.7
Stiffness 5.9   
Hardness 4.8   
Consistency 8.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.0
Control 9.0
Weight 82-87
Plies 7
Materials Limba-zlc-Limba-Kiri-Limba-zlc-Limba
Thickness 5.7
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Reviews (6)

testerblades  11 months ago

I like it! blade with zlc fast but with a lot of control close the blade!! I like feeling and quality! It has surprised me!! I recommend it!
travelyou  11 months ago

Awesome Blade! First of all, high quality, similar to Butterfly! Fast but not Ultra fast, Mizutani is 8-10% faster than Tibhar Nuytinck. More control than Mizutani or others Zlc Blades. It is a bit stiff but with a medium soft touch. Perfect for close the table and it´s good for medium distance. Perfect for players that search a more controlled mizutani or boll zlc blades, less fast but you won all the others things. With low-medium arc, it give more control near the table. For me, the best tibhar blade!!! Nuytinck and Samsonov use it. Big Surprise!!!
brzecol  4 months ago

Great blade. Notch faster than Innerforce Layer ALC and at the same time notch slower than Zhang Jike ALC. Good handle (owning FL version). Not as beefy as Zhang Jike ALC handle but still comfy for a big hands. Blade is well balanced. Goes best with Tibhar Evolution MXP. Tested also with Rozena, Tenergy 05 FX and Donic Bluestorm Z2. Quite good match will above mentioned. Strangely not very good match with Tenergy 05. Speed was there but couldn't get much rotation with serve and opening topspin. What really impressed me with this blade is great linearity and stability in passive and touch play. My personal weapon of choice so far was IF ALC. Great blade with great control, but sometimes hard to tame. The moment where carbon/arylate layer kicked in was sometimes hard to feel. That is why some blocks, some harder chops sometimes landed on table and sometimes went long. Despite the fact I was pretty sure to play same way. With innerfibre construction you get really good short game on the table but when you try to play faster you can be surprised with outcome. I wasn't really sure if my shot went long cause of my mistake or carbon/arylate layer kick in. With Nuytinck blade that is not the case. Overall blade is slightly faster than IF ALC but passive strokes, chops, block are dream to play. With MXP on FH side and Rosena on BH with my current training partners I achieved much stable game, less mistakes, good blocks and great attack with nice spin also. One of my mates told me that now it is almost impossible to overpower me, to finish me on the table. All shots are coming back even if sometimes you are not right on time or contact is not clear. I don't change equipment often but this blade is really worth it. Great achievement by Tibhar. Price is on high side but very often those are with quite high sales off so it is possible to get one for around 120 EUR. Craftsmanship is great (maybe edges are bit to sharp). My weighs 87 g and is well balanced with MXP and Rosena.
DragonOwen  5 months ago

Awesome blade, at least for me... I liked very much Mizutani ZLC blade, which I played previously, it have amazing "feeling" to it, it's just pure pleasure to play with it, but, it have too much speed for me, but I still struggled, tried different rubbers and so on... until I bought Cedric Nuytinck blade... Basically for me Nuytinck blade is very close to Mizutani ZLC blade in terms of "feeling" but it's have less speed and more control, also it's much easier to change gears with Nuytinck blade than with Mizutani ZLC. So I selled Mizutani ZLC and bought second Nuytinck blade, now I have two identical rackets, with one I will be training, with second I will participate in tounaments (just local amateur weekly tournaments, sadly I'm not a very good player...)... So, will strongly recomend to try this blade to anyone who loves ZLC "feeling" but strugling with the speed of this blades... Another alternative is Apolonia and Innerforce ZLC, but I owned both of them, the innerforce technogy is great, but it makes blades very much not linear, you can get accostume to it, but it will takes time and there might be a problem to find mathing rubber (for me, nothing gets even close to Tenergy 05 on Apolonia), so I swithed from Apolonia to Mizutani, because for me it was better to struggle with speed, than low linearity of the blade... But, now I have Nuytinck blade and so far very happy with it!
TIME  9 months ago

Excellent Z Fiber blade. This is a controllable Z blade. Limba outer gives it a nice touch for over the table. The Z fiber gives it the power from mid-distance. Probably not the best choice for those that play far back. It is Offensive- to Offensive in speed. Light vibrations. Good quality build. Mine weighed 90 grams. The only two drawbacks: 1. Expensive. Along with Kinetic Speed this is Tibhar's priciest blade. $250 retail. I bought mine lightly used from a Euro player for $165. 2. Hard to find. TableTennis11 carries it for $187, but usually low stock (probably due to price).

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