Tibhar Stratus Power Defense

Tibhar Stratus Power Defense Blade
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Speed 6.9
Control 8.7
Stiffness 5.3   
Hardness 5.6   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.1 10
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This relatively hard defence blade was built for a modern defensive game. The blade head is a little bit bigger than the norm. This light-weight wood will enable the player to react fast to almost his entire adversary's strokes, putting him under pressure, no matter where the player is situated at the table.

Reviews (5)

ged  on 8/2/2014

To me, this is the best blade so far. Lots of control and dampening effect, when blocking and chop-blocking at the table. I play with red Tibhar D.tecs 0x and Stiga chop and drive, because I don't have a very powerful FH, but relying on control and deception. When I hit with my BH it skids off the table and never comes back. For a def. blade it has a rather hard feeling when it hits the ball, but fantastic control, and it lands almost every time on the table. Often my opponents will grib for the ball, thinking it is long... but no no. Update.. I play with Donic Barracuda on FH now.. Very good
Juicyhook  2 weeks ago

I factor into my rating the fantastic value this blade provides. One of the best cheaper defensive blades I've tried. If you are looking for a middle ground between the very stiff and fast (and HEAVY!) Joo Se Hyuk blade, and the flexy lightweight Defplay this blade fits the bill. I've tried both traditional defense (1.0 MM P1-R) as well as close to the table ox pips, this blade can equally suite both styles. The handle was a little rough on my hand but continuous play seemed to make it better. This blade has enough put-away power when the opportunity presents itself, granted you pair with a suitable forehand rubber.
Oakes43  on 8/16/2017

This is not a typical defence blade. I found that it felt a bit stiff for comfortable chopping away from the table. Great for blocking and hitting over the table. The flared handle is very comfortable and its one of the few blades that I didn’t have to sand off any sharp blade edges.
Mario  on 11/2/2014

Excellent blade for modern-defenders. I use it with SP Friendship 802 and LKT Pro XT. This combination isn`t fast, but gives a lot of control and unexpected spin. I can do everything with it: chop, block, top-spin at the table and far from the table. It`s very good for agrassive defenders.
sipp  on 3/1/2012

Best blade I've ever played with. Fits perfect to my ALL- Style. With Tibhar Genius it is powerful enough for Topspin game. Find this blade better than the famous Joo Se Hyuk.

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