Tibhar Stratus Power Wood

Tibhar Stratus Power Wood Blade
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User Ratings (92)

Speed 8.9
Control 9.3
Stiffness 5.0   
Hardness 5.5   
Consistency 9.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.0 / 10
Control 7.5 / 10
Weight 85g
Plies 5
There are 36 users using the Tibhar Stratus Power Wood.
This 5-ply offensive wood distinguishes itself by an unlimited flexibility. From the hard flip to a finer Topspin with lots of spin, you will be able to realise the whole pallet of stroke play for the offensive game with Stratus Powerwood!

Reviews (43)

laredoutte  on 12/30/2015

pair SPW with medium hard tensors and it will make miracles for you :) this is the most ballanced blade i have ever played. it has the control of allround blades (you can even chop with it) but its main strength is ability to produce spin on power loops keeping great control and accurate placement. it is like much more controlled YEO or super powerful YE. ...aand if you miss a loop don't blame the blade. sure it is your fault ;) EDIT: If you want powerful SPW pick up blade ~90 gr. lighter ones miss the solid feel and some high speed gears. my current SPW is 91 gr and it is clear OFF blade. heaviest one I tried was 95gr and it was much much faster than ALC 84 gr
illumind  8 months ago

Blade is 6.2mm. 5ply Limba-Limba-Ayous-Limba-Limba apparently. Had one at 92g~ (fairly standard) and sold it - would rate it solid OFF. Loved it so bought another at 87g - making it a fraction slower. Speed is a touch faster than my previous Joola Rossi Emotion (thin carbon) and BTY TB ZLF but noticeably slower than Joola MC1 I've used. Somewhat like the Nittaku Tenor I've tried, but with better control, flex and sound IMO, also very slightly slower. I also prefer the speed, feel, sound and control of TSPW more than my old Primorac Off-, however it's way faster than that. Very versatile, great for looping, hitting, flicking or almost anything you like. Tried with 2x Vega Europe MAX (Total weight 178.5g) and loved it. I disagree with those saying it isn't head heavy, however I prefer lighter to medium weighted setups. It's a similar weight to many OFF wooden blades of this configuration, which I also find head heavy. It's a personal preference thing, and this is only relevant to someone wanting a lighter setup. I sanded 2mm of top and wings and found it perfect after that, but would not suggest doing this. If learning to master good technique and generate your own power I'd suggest something slightly slower, to avoid detrimental reliance on equipment. It has PLENTY of power if/when required and is one of the best I've used though. It would be worth 2-3 x times the price if it were branded Nittaku or Butterfly etc. Can't go wrong for the price, fantastic blade! Was <$30 USD~ on special.
jeff_attc  on 6/11/2012

Tibhar Stratus Power Wood (FL) - 90 grams - 6.2mm thickness FH: Donic Barracuda MAX BH: Donic Barracuda MAX DHS #15 Glue USATT Rating: 1863 Store: Paddle Palace USA The Tibhar Stratus Power Wood is a 5-ply OFF- blade composed of Limba top and secondary plys with an Ayous core (Limba-Limba-Ayous-Limba-Limba). This blade construction is the same as Butterfly€™s Petr Korbel and its variants, Donic€™s Waldner Senso V1, Galaxy M4, Joola K5, and Xiom€™s Maximus and variants. Tibhar does an excellent job on build quality for the SPW with a sanded handle, wings and smooth top-plys. The SPW weighs in at 90 grams and is 6.2mm thick. The head size measures 151.5mm x 158mm making this blade a little larger than blades from other mainstream manufactures. This blade has a medium hardness and stiffness. This blade produces a feel that solid, but not overwhelming. The feeling is more solid than a Stiga OC which has tremendous vibrations but feels muffled, but is not like a Butterfly MMaze which has vibrations that are more precise. This blade has more dwell than composite blades that allows for power to be generated and is more forgiving. After hitting with this blade for about 4 days, during training sessions and matches, several items of interest have stood out when using this blade. At first I was not accustomed to the hardness of the blade, but after playing with it for a while, the blade's characteristics are apparent. For speed, I would say that it is not OFF- but squarely OFF. Before trying out the Tibhar SPW I tried the Stiga Allround Evolution. I liked the dwell, but it took a little more effort to get the ball to go. I wanted something faster than the AE, but slower with more dwell than the Butterfly MMaze. Using Donic Barracuda on both sides, this blade has excellent power and control due to the amount of dwell it has. The SPW will spin soft balls, but when you crank it, the ball goes. The thickness of the blade gives it umph, while the outer plys give the blade good touch. For service game, the SPW is not bouncy so balls will stay low on pushes. Although the blade's head is big, in addition to using Donic Barracuda (heavier rubber), I do not feel that this blade is head heavy, or at least I do not feel that it is apparently head heavy to where I can feel it (Does not feel like a Stiga WRB). This blade is 90 grams. This may be heavy for some, but it works fine for me. In the pictures, the handle looks bigger (even in my pictures). In real life, it looks smaller. However, Tibhar does a good job of sanding their handles smooth making them comfortable. The head size is big, bigger than the average blades from Butterfly, Donic, Yasaka, etc. (with the exception of defensive blades, and the Butterfly Petr Korbel). If you're looking for a blade comparable to a Butterfly Petr Korbel but with a touch more speed and a larger handle, this blade should be put under consideration. If you're having trouble with composite blades, and want to use a blade that is a little more forgiving, this blade is worth considering. If you're on a budget and want a OFF blade, this blade is worth considering. If coming from composite blades or soft blades, this blade will take a few sessions to get used to, but after getting used to it, I think you will like this blade. Tibhar does a good job with build quality for the Stratus Power Wood at $55 shipped from Paddle Palace, I think it's a bargain. I give the Tibhar Stratus Power Wood a positive review. Posted below are pictures of the Tibhar Stratus Power Wood. Overview Squarely OFF (Maybe lower OFF) not OFF- as listed Medium Hard/Hard Feel with good touch Solid feeling Good dwell = good power, good short game $55 Shipped from Paddle Palace USA References: Blade composition -http://www.ttbdb.com/liste.php, various posts on MyTT and OOAK
dr4CUL4  on 6/15/2015

My 4th purchased blade This blade gives me better confidence on winning from my 2 rival players... I agree to all d good reviews about this blade... D only thing i don't like about this blade is d strange round shape of d blade... but that just my personal dislike... It gives me a better defense n better placing shots... But my yinhe t11+ blade gives a better dictate tempo for fast play... Update review : Character of this blade is all around blade. Easy to attack n defend from short to medium distance... Great for looping style n smashing style... High throw provide an easy play for looping n d blade provide an enough power for smashing (but not enough power to kill shot if u r facing an advanced player except if u have a brute force of power or using a fast bounce rubber n doing d right spot to hit d ball on d blade) D blade gives a great control for placing the shot (so ull have ur main points from this category... Trading d power with d accuracy)
ControlledSpin  on 12/1/2017

My main blade and one of the best values in table tennis equipment. I paid $35 with a discount and I like it more than any of the $150+ blades that I own. Limba/Limba/Ayous construction. My blade is 87g and 6.2mm thickness. Head size is slightly larger than standard for those that like to switch cut rubbers between blades. Head heavy which I like for increased spin in serves, flicks, and loops. Similar to the Xiom Offensive S and Butterfly Petr Korbel but a little stiffer and faster. Great balance, great control, good speed for a 5 Ply wood blade. I’d place the speed at the higher end of Off- or the lower end of Off. You really can’t go wrong with this blade. I chuckle when I see people describe this as a beginners blade. While beginners could use this blade with control rubbers, this blade has ample speed and performance for 95% of amateur players when paired with an attacking rubber. And 95% of amateur players would play better with this vs their faster, less feeling composite blade. This is a well rounded, do everything well wood blade with enough flex for looping and enough stiffness for good directional control. Great blade for a fair price. Highly recommended.

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