TSP Black Balsa 3.0

TSP Black Balsa 3.0 Blade
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User Ratings (9)

Speed 4.4
Control 9.7
Stiffness 1.9   
Some flex
Hardness 2.1   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 71 / 100
Control 99 / 100
Weight 75g
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The TSP Black Balsa 3.0 is specially designed for classic defenders. This high-end blade features a balsa core and a slightly larger head for maximum control in all stroke techniques. The tried-and-tested balsa/glass fibre layers additionally provide for an enlarged sweet spot, which guarantees ultimate feel, forgiveness and effectiveness.

Reviews (2)

firetack  on 10/31/2017

This blade is a rare breed,slow when pushing and blocking with the ox pips with more control than other def blades that I tried.,however there is a balsa catapult effect when topspinning and it is very choosy with the f/h rubber,I tried t05 1.9 and although I was winning more tnan losing there was an unpredictability which made counter attacking tricky.Next I tried t 05 1.7 boosted and the throw angle was so high that it was difficult to put any powerspins into f/h shots without going off the table(very good smashing window though) So I though t a lower throwing boosted slice 40 1.5 might be a solution and the options with this rubber are better with still good attacks now I have confidence to twiddle for b/h attack,it`s early days but good so far,may step up to 1.8 slice cd After more practice the T05 1.7 is playing like a dream ,look no further
fahmi124  on 9/14/2014

Good blade for playing defensive game...my friend use xiom omega 4 pro and 729 cream for the rubber....it sounds weird but I think its a very nice combination..7/10

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