TSP Reflex 50 Award OFF

TSP Reflex 50 Award OFF Blade
Approx. $ 32 USD
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User Ratings (16)

Speed 8.6
Control 9.3
Stiffness 4.8   
Hardness 5.7   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 95 / 100
Control 92 / 100
Weight 85g
Plies 5
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TSP Reflex-50 Award OFF This sensitive offensive blade with the Reflex dampening system in half the length of the grip has in a short time, become the TSP bestseller in Europe and Japan.

TSP Reflex-50 Award OFF This sensitive offensive blade with the Reflex dampening system in half the length of the grip has, in a short time, become the TSP bestseller in Europe and Japan.

Reviews (8)

regomellor  on 6/2/2012

Fantastic blade, really awesome. I switched to it after using the too fast, stiff and uncontrolable BTY M. Maze during 2 years. Maze is a great blade and it is capable of doing really killing shots but it is not for me. Maybe in the future. The TSP is a great blade for my game. In fact i think i'm not going to change it for a long time. I like it more and more everyday. It´s light and feels very light, perfectly balanced (not head heavy), so comfortable handle (tried FL and ST and both are lovely), Perfect craftmanship, high quality feel. It has a quite hard touch wich i love specially for blocking and drive. I couldn't block with the Maze and i thought i was unable to block but i with the TSP, both passive and active block, very easily. Active block has become a very important and unexpected strenght of my game. Short game is very controllable. Serving is very good, not fantastic in terms of spin, though. Maze was better in this area. Opening loops are amazingly easy, plenty of topspin with a really nice arc. It flexes according to your swing and just enough. So power loops are deadly if you hit right. It has lots of gears (linear) and maybe it lacks the top gear the Maze has so long distance is not the natural zone for this blade but it´s a close to mid distance monster. Vibrations are just the right ones so they inform you how well you did every stroke and it forces you do the right stroke so it helps you to improve your technique. It has a big sweet spot and it´s very forgiving. Really it has changed my game completly. Not only improved but i have changed my technique naturally. Now i don't hold myself like i used to with the Maze. I do the strokes with a complete movement. My armswing has become more "chinese", a lot more wide and with a lot more variations because of the longer dwell time and the speed dicrease so i put more spin and the ball doesn't go off the table. I feel i'm in control. This blade is perfect for an agressive game near the table and at mid distance with lots of control and more than enough punch. I love it so much. I use Xiom Omega IV pro 2 mm in the forehand wich is a really awesome rubber (maybe i will try Sigma when Omega is finished but i really love it) and Donic X2 platin soft 1,8 mm in the backhand wich is the most fantastic backhand rubber i have ever tried. Better than Hammond pro Beta IMHO. It was very nice also in my Maze so it's not the blade factor. Huge control and spin with the right speed. If you don't completly like composite blades because you find them too fast or too insensitive or too uncontrolled, but you have a spin agressive attack based game style near the table you must try this. And it´s only 32‚¬ !!!(about 40$)
NTHHOO  on 12/23/2016

Don't be cheated with its cheap price as this blade can do just what you want better than many expensive blades. No doubt the quality is good. With this blade I can loop easily from mid to far from table. Close to table was equally good too. The weight was distributed across the entire blade which makes it feel very comfortable to handle and easy to control. Speed wise it was above average and most of the time the shots landed inside the table the placement of ball was accurate as it was easy to control the blade I would say I like it so much despite I have another blade for my games but this blade I always bring along to be my spare one and occasionally I used for sparring with my friends too. Those rubbers that I feel don't quite suitable for my other blades but when use it on this blade I could see the different it means the adaptation of this blade is very high. Highly recommended to those that have no idea which blade to purchase for the first time. Certainly suitable for new and intermediate player and I would say if you fix it with right rubbers it can be used for advanced players too. Hope this helps!
DarkKnight  on 4/29/2015

Awesome blade! Fast, but with a lot of control. Very nice sound and elegant. Its handle is cushioned, which gives a very distinctive feeling. But above all, it has an unbeatable quality/price ratio. For a few bucks you will definitely have a long lasting, good enough blade for 95% of the players. Don't miss it!
Konjekture  3 weeks ago

It’s a Great looping and driving blade. Perfect for the strategy based spin player over the power looper. Good control, works best with harder rubbers, used FastArc G1 both sides. Great spin and control. Great for all shots. The only ones that are some trouble are active blocks as it has a decent amount of flex that can affect control of placement. Plays 90% of the Nittaku Acoustic at like 80% less of the price. It is true, the top ply is slippery like a freshly mopped floor and hard to glue sometimes. Will be getting 1 more as a spare and a gift to another if I feel so inclined one day.
Coen  on 12/3/2016

Great solid blade, comes with a very smooth surface to the paddle. Not alot of power but heaps of control. Good vibrations and some flex. Personally I really like this blade it has really grown on me. Mine weighs in at 80g.

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