Victas Koji Matsushita

Victas Koji Matsushita Blade
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Speed 6.2
Control 9.6
Stiffness 2.6   
Some flex
Hardness 3.0   
Medium soft
Consistency 9.5   
Always identical
Overall 9.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 90g
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The VICTAS Koji Matsushita is the premium product among defensive blades. Koji Matsushita, 4-times Olympic competitor and one of the world's foremost defenders, and the VICTAS team designed a defensive blade which has everything modern defensive strategists need. The perfectly adjusted, 5-ply structure made of carefully selected veneers (including high-quality Japanese cedar fir) provides for great control in away-from-the-table defensive play and in passive above-the-table play. Plus, the VICTAS Koji Matsushita produces enough power for successful attacking. Modern defenders who not only rely on their defensive qualities, but use every opportunity to attack, will be inspired by the VICTAS Koji Matsushita. Each of these outstanding blades is created individually in a complex manufacturing process - hand-made in Japan.

Reviews (3)

azv  on 1/22/2019

Best chopping blade! Great feeling, soft but solid. it’s very flexible which allows you to put a lot of spin but can be tricky in hard offensive shots
Tarsmot  on 3/16/2017

Superb finish. Surprisingly fast for a defensive blade when used with allround rubbers. Handle too small and short for large hands. Unless you use thin sponges or ox the set up is head heavy because of the larger head size. Love the craftsmanship but would only bring it back to use if I decide to persevere with pips out
Francium87  on 6/24/2016

the numbers above dont accurately describe this racket when paired with rubbers. MXP 1.7mm and TSP P4 .6mm this is my spare racket. i let my friends play with my viscaria when they come over, and i have started working my way through lower players in my club with this racket. compared to an offense set up, i have to be careful that the increased dwell time means i need to sharpen the angle of attack or i will lift the ball over the table. im fine with that. having played with fast set ups from my introduction to table tennis, MXP and the VKM blade are really nice because i dont have to swing with caution. hitting ripping counterloops is very easy (on the viscaria i woud call them counterhit/counterdrive's). i think it is very important to understand that speed is a myth, it should be called dwell time. counterhitting, blocking, chopping and looping are all very simple with the VKM, and i focus on attack by twiddling to keep spin in the game. willow is a special wood that deserves research from every player. yes long pips will get you wins early, but it may crutch your game so that you never develop a backhand (ive seen players never develop their forehand also). so more than anything, i say dont use long pips till you hit a 5 year glass ceiling as an offensive player. but thats not to say you shouldnt use the VKM blade! its probably my favorite racket i own (and i own 14). but its not my main gun. so there is that... beautiful, responsive, fast or slow if you want it. this blade is like an extension of your body.

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