Xi Enting Tiger 560

Xi Enting Tiger 560 Blade
Approx. $ 25 USD
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User Ratings (8)

Speed 8.7
Control 8.6
Stiffness 5.5   
Hardness 7.8   
Consistency 9.2   
Always identical
Overall 8.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.5
Control 8.5
Weight 88g
Plies 9
Materials 6 wood 2 carbon 1 Titanium
Thickness 6.7
There are 1 users using the Xi Enting Tiger 560.
Xi EnTing 560 Ti + Carbon Blade,HoneyComb Structure,NEW , Table Tennis Blade.

Thickness: 6.7mm
Weight: around 88g
Ply: 9
Type: Attack / Loop, Strong delayed effect, Control ball easy.
Speed: 9.5
Spin: 8.2
Control: 8.5
Handle: Penhold (Short) / Shakehand (Long)-FL

Reviews (5)

takitezy7  on 9/16/2015

I was using a K-mart bat when I decided to get back to table tennis. My friend let me use his Butterfly TC201 and convinced me to get a proper bat. Soon after I purchased a DHS 6002 factory bat with H3 and Tin Arc rubbers. A short while later I had a feeling that something was missing from this bat so I sold it to a work mate. This is where the Xi Enting Tiger 560 comes in. I purchased it as a custom made bat with Friendship RITC Faster 2008 and Friendship RITC 802-40 Short pips-out Rubber. First thing I noticed is the very short handle but I got used to it. This setup is surprisingly good. The feel of the bat in your hand is amazing. I'm not being biased but I prefer the feel of this blade more than my brothers Stiga Hybrid wood with Yasaka Mark V's. The Tiger 560 is not 110% perfect, but for now I am loving and enjoying the feel of this bat. It is amazing. The only reason why I bought this bat was because it was cheap, Xi EnTing has many patents and used to be former no 1 of the world. But I didnt find out that it was in the 70s till after I bought it LOL.
Rabby-D  on 7/18/2010

A great value blade. Pair it with value rubbers (Kokutaku 868 comes to mind - esp. good with the non-tacky type) and it is a real bargain offensive combo. Needs sealing.
Brian  on 3/10/2010

Great blade for its price! I found the carbon layers very helpful, although you can feel the vibrations, and there wasn't as much dwell time because of its stiffness. Very inexpensive blade, and you can have it custom made with other inexpensive rubbers like RITC or DHS
bballgeniusyml  on 12/14/2009

This is definitely considered a value blade. produces very high speed and spins. the only setback IMO for this blade is its stiffness, I can feel the vibration after each hit.
eccles2641  on 10/5/2009

This is the best blade I have used. It was given to me and I love the feel and power of the blade. I am using really crappy rubbers on it....Galaxy Pimples and Milkyway 2000 pips in and I am now in my local division 1 competition. I attribute much to the blade and its ability to make the simple rubbers do things consistently well. I love the feel as well.

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