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Speed 8.9
Control 9.5
Stiffness 5.3   
Hardness 6.3   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.2   
Always identical
Overall 9.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.0 / 9
Control 9.0 / 9
Weight 88
Plies 5
Materials limba - ??? - ALC - Kiri - ZLC - ??? - limba
Thickness 5.8mm
There are 8 users using the Xiom ICE CREAM AZXi.
Two special composites :
ZEPHYLIUM CARBON (ZLC) and ARYLATE CARBON (ALC), both with clear distinctive performance in one blade provides the players with variety of choices during game play. Depending on the game situation, the player can switch the spin, power and speed by switching front and back of the blade.

Reviews (4)

R4FI  3 weeks ago

So this is my first Review here and I am using this blade with Xiom O7P on ALC Side (for me Forehand) and Xiom O7E on ZLC Side (for me Backhand). I am very impressed how much control there is for that amout of Speed you can produce with this blade! The two different Carbons suite my playstyle very well. Tried it the different way (ZLC on Forehand) and wasnt as consitent. If you play a Koto blade and want to buy a new one go with the AZX and not this one but be aware that the AZX is even faster then this one.
liketabletennis  4 months ago

I use Victas V01 Stiff in ZLC side in Backhand and DHS GA8 in ALC side in forehand. After first 3 hours training session my first impressions are: very nice blade and well done. ZLC suits well to my BH and very easy to spin, block, especially flat hits are like a dream. ALC side has much more dwell time, so throw angle is more suitable to my style. Only thing I would do differently is the handle. I have straight handle and it is a bit narrow to my quite big hand. But that is quite easy to fix with grip tape. Update after 6 training sessions: speed rate decreased and control rate increased. Top3 all time blade!!
vladan00  5 months ago

Got rubber on fh,short pips on bh. FL,high ergonomic handle. Just received azxi. I can finally say: will never change blade. On zylon side(fh),spin goes crazy. Block,pimple - everything. Faster side is for my short pips. Now i can block short, long, slow or fast. Bh Attack i do even 2meters from table. It is like blade has 2 gears on both sides. One for short game, other for strong attack. Handle better than anything before i used. This blade has everithing player needs—off(zlc), off+(alc), 2 gears each side. Vibration 0 gives feeling of max control
Tim0chan  5 months ago

My current favourite blade. Short pips on zlc side and dignics on alc side for ultimate blocking and counterattack. I feel like I can do anything with this blade. Slower and more flexible than the way too fast azx making it more controllable and easier to add spin to the ball. I can now enjoy seeing opponents run back and forth with tricky placements xD.

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