Xiom Stradivarius

Xiom Stradivarius Blade
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User Ratings (51)

Speed 8.9
Control 8.6
Stiffness 6.5   
Hardness 6.9   
Medium hard
Consistency 8.9   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 90
Control 0.0
Plies 7
Materials Aramid-Carbon
There are 12 users using the Xiom Stradivarius.
Exceptional spin capability by Aramid Carbon.
Sharp and compact feel for top offensive players.

STRADIVARIUS, which has been one of the bestseller of XIOM, was reborn for top players of new era. Aramid Carbon, which is the mixture of vibration absorbing soft Aramid and highly elastic Carbon, provides ideal performance for professional offensive players. STRADIVARIUS catches ball deeply with sufficient deformation, but the residual vibration after impact is greatly reduced by high-tech material. The results are the combination of exceptional spin capability and stable feel. Player can feel the moment of impact directly and clearly without any irritating vibration. The topspin attack close to table or from mid-distance is very powerful and secure. When combined with new Hyper Elasto rubber such as VEGA PRO, STRADIVARIUS shows even greater performance.

Reviews (29)

superspin  on 1/22/2014

one the best blade for topspin attack, excellent control and speed. very good flex when looping has a lot of kick. tested lots of premium blades, but i keep comming back to this one. good for close or far from table, if you are not fussed about brands and into quality, performane, delivery. than i suggest give this one a try, u might be supprised. 10/10
jaffarlone  on 8/10/2014

Xiom got it right. This blade is an excellent looping machine. Good speed, good control and above all a very nice feel for the ball. If you are a close-to-the-table looper, this is the blade for you. I would say this is not the fastest blade i have ever used (BTY's photino is faster than this, in my view, but Strad's loop spins are way better), but it is remarkebly consistent. The only downside that i can say, is that the feeling of the ball seems nice even when you overhit the ball. Other than that it is a pretty good table tennis blade for any offensive minded player. Decent blocking too. Good work Xiom, i switched from DHS's hurricane-WL and i dont regret it :)
EricTian  on 12/7/2014

This blade is good for the constant looper; this blade can produce some crazy spin when paired with the right rubbers. Speed is good, mostly due to the carbon and hard outer wood. Blocks are easy; the thin outer piles make controlling the ball exceptionally easy. The main problem with the Stradivarius is that there is absolutely no feeling with this blade, it is so stiff with its carbon. Be weary because you won't be able to feel much with it. Works best with soft/medium soft sponges. One of the most beautiful blades I've ever seen as well, +1 to Xiom for that.
vangeodee  on 6/10/2013

A pretty good blade if you average all the different types of shots together; but the Stradivarius is definitely a loopers blade, one of the best looping/topspin blades on the planet! Paired with spinny rubbers, the Strad can really put some unbelievable spin on the ball. I use 2.2mm Mark V's on both sides and my topspin shots have unbelievable spin, even when I don't exert too much effort to add more spin! As for the speed rating, conventionally and collectively with other blades, the Stradivarius is definitely just an OFF blade. In Xiom's line however, they have an OFF++ rating which would be equivalent to OFF+ conventionally. So the OFF+ rating on the face of the blade is already quite accurate. PS: That picture is outdated. My Stradivarius has the "NOVUS T" emblem on the upper right, along with the blade info right underneath it.
Jimbob  on 9/21/2018

Great looping offensive blade for the price modeled on Boll ALC but not as consistent as the more expensive carbon blades. From my experience in table tennis equipment, cheaper alternatives are never as good as the real deal but you can still find good quality at lower price and this is about the best carbon blade you can get for the price. Great spin potential and manageable speed. Definitely not an OFF+ My Off- Diva is just as fast as this on the top end, However, overall this blade is faster due to it being more elastic. Due to lack of vibration player receives little feedback on the shot so the player must have developed shots to maximize the blades potential. If you only play once or twice a week you may struggle to find the feel of this blade early on in matches due to low feedback. Around 42 degree rubbers work well on this blade as it increases dwell and softens the feel. Andro R42 works really well for loopers. Stiffer feel than Boll ALC and doesn't play as well with harder rubbers like tenergy 05 or R47 as the hard rubber on stiff blade doesn't allow for much spin generation. Softer rubbers play best on this blade.

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