Yasaka Gatien Extra

Yasaka Gatien Extra Blade
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User Ratings (41)

Speed 7.6
Control 8.9
Stiffness 3.7   
Some flex
Hardness 4.6   
Consistency 9.2   
Always identical
Overall 8.8 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 83 / 100
Control 82 / 100
Weight 84g
There are 8 users using the Yasaka Gatien Extra.
The Yasaka Gatien Extra was designed with Jean-Philippe Gatien to put together
the best combination of material. Our aim was, to create a balance between power and touch. A great choice for the modern top spin game.

Reviews (25)

misa  on 2/3/2014

control and spin 10
topAttack  on 12/17/2013

I have recently bought the Yasaka Extra. It's no longer called Gatien and i think it's different from the reviews here. Mine weighs 90 grams, it's off- and is a lot stiffer than expected. When you hit slowly it has a nice soft feeling to it. When you hit harder you can feel the second gear, it's way stiffer and this makes loops a bit more difficult and brush loops even more. It's even stiffer than the chinese copy, the Galaxy W-6. I appreciate the extra speed but i bought it because i wanted an flexy, soft, controllable wood with some bite, as described above. And it doesn't feel like one. It feels like a stiff blade with a soft feel, like many others. Another disadvantage is the low throw. After i swapped the W-6 for the Yasaka extra with the same rubbers , 80% of the balls got caught in the net. Still struggling to adjust to this one and it's an unpleasant surprise. To ayoushinoki : Yes only the one with Yasaka metal tag on the handle end, with JTTAA chop is available in store and it's not a great blade. The Galaxy copy, the W-5 is actually far better.
kagalja  on 12/16/2013

Very nice.Good for blocking.For recreational play no need better.
Obi  on 10/13/2013

Reviewed with Friendship Cream Transcend 2.0mm rubbers. This blade is about control. It is light all+ 5 ply wood blade (anegre-limba-ayous-limba-anegre). Vibration are there but as positive feedback. Great for beginners and amateur players. People say it is too slow. If you know how to hit hard and the right way it is not slow. So you can measure you skill with this blade (meaning it will not play by itself, you need to get cracking). Pair it with Friendship Cream or 729-5 and you get very cheap and very serious paddle. Do not waste your money on Timo Boll Spirit and Tenergy because you may not need it. There is treasure to be found in these inexpensive blades and rubbers. Pozdrav svima koji ovo razumiju :-)
ayoushinoki  on 8/6/2013

An update..Yes, it is true...I have 2 YE. One is softish, all round in character. It plays sweet, loops easily and gives great consistency. The soft feel is almost addictive! Power flows easily when paired with tensors. The second one has a Yasaka metal tag on the handle end, with JTTAA chop. This one feels stiff. The throw is different, straighter? and not as consistent, even when paired with the same set of rubbers. I dislike this one.

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