Yasaka Max Carbon 3D

Yasaka Max Carbon 3D Blade
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User Ratings (18)

Speed 9.6
Control 8.4
Stiffness 8.9   
Very stiff
Hardness 8.7   
Consistency 9.4   
Always identical
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 99
Control 69
Weight 90g
Plies 7
There are 4 users using the Yasaka Max Carbon 3D.

Reviews (10)

Fabiofg84  on 3/16/2018

Fantastic Blade! The perfect combination is this Blade with a soft Rubber (with high throw angle)! Very fast, good control and well done..
Snakefish  on 12/4/2011

This blade feels like a rock or rocket. I'm using 2.0mm Rakza7 both sides. After getting used to it, I was able to get better control. No flex on this blade & no dwell time either. But I have the skill to still spin the ball. Weight came in at 102g, approx 12g over the stated average. Therefore, smashes are very fast. In the near future, I will try a softer sponge.
victorjja  8 hours ago

My YMC3D sucked 95grs, and was varnished in tt11, initially I started I used DHS hurricane 3neo commercial version and Skyline 3 Neo, I was a little heavy around 200grs, but the most complicated thing was to adapt to the anatomical handle, very bad choice for my small hand, for 3 months I left the same configuration. Then I ventured to faster rubbers, in the FH the GoldArc 8 of 47 and in the BH a joola rhyzer 43. I improved my punches and crashes a lot. It's a blade Very consistent, fast and with a control Extraordinary, it is rigid with little vibration but a great sweet spot. But its hardness and speed, and the short time of tenure, do not allow me to generate enough rotation in both the right topspin and the backhand. Equally my serves I can't make them as short as I want. I recommend it for those who want a carbon blade, fast with decent control, and great sweet spot, that plays at medium distance and actively blocks. I want to try something slower and with more feeling, that helps me more to the juice near the table and with more possibilities of rotation, and certainly with an FL handle, if I do not convince myself I will ask another Max charcoal 3d. I love this 9-layer Blade!!
Nezzidon  5 months ago

I bought the ST version but should have bought the FL. I had DHS hurricane 3 on both sides .With that setup, it was really fun to loop with from close to mid distance,but not so great from further. It has good control and speed. Felt more like an OFF than Off+. I love it...gonna get me the FL soon.
archfil25  on 7/10/2017

State of the art product at a very affordable price. This blade has a very large sweet spot, perfect for looping and counter attacks, great for blocking too. I have used the Dynamix 17, they are of the same caliber but Max Carbon 3D is slightly better in my opinion. I have fast rubbers on both sides; the Rakza 9 on FH and Valmo on the BH and it is a killer of a racket overall. The speed is unreal, the control is reasonable and spin is above average, a bit on the heavy side but an awesome blade overall. Highly recommended for offensive/attack playing style.

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