Yasaka Sweden Extra

Yasaka Sweden Extra Blade
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User Ratings (30)

Speed 7.9
Control 9.2
Stiffness 3.7   
Some flex
Hardness 4.9   
Consistency 9.5   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 82 / 100
Control 71 / 100
Weight 84g
There are 17 users using the Yasaka Sweden Extra.
Sweden Extra the all new allround blade with a new design and extra control. This blade with a little more weight then traditional allround blades offers more power.

Made in Sweden

Reviews (17)

TTfan2013  on 1/6/2016

Really love this blade. It plays like a $200 BTY blade. Looping is like a dream. Control on the table is so easy. The finish of the blade is also very fine. This blade is not very fast, but fast enough to finish a point. Excellent blade.
ControlledSpin  on 10/5/2017

The Yasaka Sweden Extra is a terrific All+ 5 Ply wood blade with great feel and control. Close to the table play is terrific and with the right rubbers and generating your own power mid distance play is good too. If you are a new or developing player on a budget I highly recommend this blade. It's my favorite all wood blade is this speed category along with the Nittaku Violin for a fraction of its price. Great blade, great value.
JST  on 2/6/2019

After coming back from 15-year TT hiatus I started with my old Butterfly Primorac OFF- with Rozena and DHS H3Neo both in max but I was feeling it's not the best control to speed ratio for me and I want to try something new for poly ball and different game after all these years. Like coming back to basics, work on technique, footwork for every stroke and have just maximal feel and control in the blade. After thinking about Stiga's Allround Classic and similar pieces I got great deal (30% off) on this Yasaka and boy I don't regret a second! Knowing how well it feels in short game, on serve and looping from short/mid distance I would even pay twice the list price. The match with Yasaka Rising Dragon on FH (2.0mm sponge) and Yasaka Rakza 7 soft on BH (2.0mm sponge) is almost perfect for me and the only weaker point I found so far is lack of power from very long distance. Skylobs are pretty accurate but if I want to counterattack or I'm too afraid to play it won't kick the ball all the way on the other side. But I'm fine with it for now, blade allows me to put all the power to finishing shots in proper distance and I would say it's even good learning tool for beginners. When I get my Bfly Primo OFF- back in hand it feels kind of dead in short game and I stay with YSE (sure, it can be only bad rubber combination, but I don't have time and money to test twenty set-ups). The only reason why I will probably change again one day is the speed. Last word about another difference I noticed when comparing to several Butterfly/Stiga/Donic blades I've seen: this Yasaka has extremely well sealed finish and overall craftsmanship is excellent. Big surprise for me and I will definitely try another Yasaka blade in the future. Update for number-lovers: - Head is h/w 155mm x 150mm - Weight is 84g (FL handle version) - Thickness seems to be 5.6mm (but I don't have sub-mm meter so take it with margin)
Elgar  11 months ago

This is now what I am using right now and the control for me is amazing. Using Tibhar MX-S on my FH and Tenergy 64FX on my BH. 83g is my blade weight. This is a very good all around blade when developing your stroke.
takitezy7  on 1/20/2016

Found this blade by accident when I was looking for an all round Stiga classic blade. The Yasaka Extra Sweden is made in Sweden's famous woodhouse in Taranas. I paired this with 2.0 mm Yasaka Mark V's on both sides, and it is the most enjoyable combination improve your strokes and master your techniques. Compared to a Donic Waldner Carbon Senso with same rubbers, it has ever so slightly better control & softer touch due to it being a notch slower (which is great because the Waldner Carbon Senso is one of the best balanced control blades out there) . If the Waldner Carbon Senso is rated at OFF-, the YSE is definitely and ALL+. With the classic Mark V rubbers, unless you are a beginner/intermediate you don't want to get anything slower than this.

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