Galaxy J-1

Galaxy J-1 Blade
Approx. $ 37 USD
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User Ratings (18)

Speed 7.9
Control 9.0
Stiffness 5.6   
Hardness 3.3   
Medium soft
Consistency 8.8   
Always identical
Overall 8.6 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 7.0
Control 9.0
Weight 95
Plies 1
Materials Ayous
Thickness 10mm
There are 2 users using the Galaxy J-1.
This Blades is made from the Famous AYOUS WOOD, It is a single ply 10mm.

Yinhe or Galaxy as most people know them have been making quality blades for a long time. They are a well known Chinese company producing blades for Recreational & professional players for a long time. They offer some very Hi-tech blades, that other manufacturers charge double the price for. It is a well kept secret that Yinhe manufacturers (and Re-badge) some blades for Non-Chinese Companies as well.

This 1-ply Ayous Timber blade is quite unique in shake hand, and I haven't seen another manufacturer with a similar Blade. Like other single ply blade, the J-1 has a softish feel,
But has great touch for the short game. When you start hitting harder you'll feel the great power of this blade. Although
rated allround, Because of the thick 10mm ply, the handle feels
a little thicker than normal but still feels very comfortable.

Yinhe Blades are finished to the highest standards, has a comfortable handle it feels more like a blade double the price.
It is rated by the Manufacturer as an allround, although we believe its more an ALL+.

Reviews (12)

Naka  4 months ago

Bought it to try, since the price is really low. If you really want to try Jpen, please buy a one ply hinoki. Today there are cheap Chinese hinoki options. If you buy this blade, you will think Jpen is not fun and will quickly go to shakehand. This blade is bulky, inconsistent, too slow and have very little feeling. Many people think this blade is good for a beginner, because it is slow. They are wrong. It is slow, but has no ball feeling. Looks like you are playing with a brick. If you want it slower, buy a thinner hinoki, but don't buy this. Go with a hinoki blade and thank me later. By the way, it is not lighter than Hinoki. It is 2 grams heavier than my Hibi-O and 2 grams lighter than my Cypress G-Max.
cmaiolino  on 8/23/2018

Overall, this is a really nice blade for people looking for soft and flexible J-pen blade. I'm pairing it with a Haifu Whale rubber. No backhand rubber, I'm a japanese penhold player, no reverse backhand. This blade is soft, it lacks speed, so IMHO, if you need more speed, you need to combine it with a hard rubber. I purchased this blade, because I like to use chinese rubbers, and my another blade is a single ply hinoki from butterfly, which IMHO, is too stiff for a chinese rubber (at least Haifu whale) make the ball insanely fast. So, I decide to buy this blade as an attempt to reduce a bit the speed of the ball and get more control. What I found interesting about this blade, is the fact they made a soft and flexible blade using a single ply of wood. I particularly don't like using multi-layer blades, and the fact I play in Japanese penhold style, reduces my blade choices by like... 80% and this was the only single ply Jpen blade I found which uses a softer wood than hinoki. It's also a very lightweight blade. Ayous, being a very soft wood, makes it more fragile than a hinoki blade, so, it need some caution while assembling, or like, hitting the table, so, edge protectors is a must. It's not a quality issue, it's just the nature of the wood, but something I think it's worth mention. The construction of the blade could be better I think, it's still a new blade (I only played for about 4 hours with this blade until now) so I need sometime to get a better idea of its robustness. The cork handle is wider than other blades, so, it may need some extra sandpaper adjustment than other blades. But, anyway, it's a 25USD blade, so, unless it breaks in 6 months, it's all good. I'd recommend this blade for people looking to combine a blade with chinese rubbers without making the balls insanely fast. Also, I do think this is a really nice blade for beginners, once it forces you to train your technique to add speed to the ball (hard, stiff blades use to make beginners lazy).
Tarsmot  on 4/1/2017

Wonderful feeling blade. Mine has a long flared large sized flared handle with fits beautifully in my extra large hands. Heavy weapon that will need you to adjust your strokes if you are used to thin 5ply blades. Unless you have wrists of steel forget wristy flicks. If you are a die hard looper you would find this unwieldy and your triceps will scream in pain. Great feeling blade with soft touch and great dwell time. Very different feel to hinoki so this is not a cheap alternative but a blade with its own distinctive character. It is lighter in comparison with non Japanese hinoki variants.
Kim_biceps  on 7/28/2016

Pair up mine with ritc 729 08. Definitely a defensive weapon in that set up, lack control at high speed, but in slow to medium speed loops, might frustrate opponents, since I'm an offensive two wing looper, this blade serves as a good practice as departure from my stiga cr blade which helps alot in my offensive style. Maybe I'll abandon my j1 if I found a better blade, as my stiga got stolen in a tournament. If anyone is buying this blade for the ayous single ply, do note that it's thick and heavy, small hands not recommended to wield this thing, and again imho definitely a defensive blade rather than attacking and will recommend to anyone practising backspins, loop and defensive games.
al1  on 5/6/2014

This blade is really much different than any other blades I have used. The speed is not problem, dwell time is good and all other individual features are quite ok. BUT: it is so different in fast game that it would require its own playing style. I do not want to build my playing technique on to this blade, although I suppose I could learn to play with this blade. The playing with this blade was little like playing against long pips, but the disturbance was coming from own blade! I felt like the spin and the throw angle would have changed according to an unknown reason. Short game was quite ok. I used this blade with max thickness Xiom Sigma Euro and Pro rubbers that have worked well on any other blades. My blade weights 96 g.

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