Galaxy T-1

Galaxy T-1 Blade
Approx. $ 55 USD
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User Ratings (11)

Speed 9.3
Control 8.4
Stiffness 8.5   
Very stiff
Hardness 8.5   
Consistency 8.5   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 10
Control 7.0
Weight 86
Plies 5
Materials Carbon
Thickness 7.4
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Yinhe or Galaxy as most people know them have been making quality blades for a long time.

Even though this blade is very inexpensive, don't be fooled, it has excellent balance is finished to the highest standards

This blade was manufactured to be a substitute for the Butterfly Schlager Carbon blade, The Schlager has become one of the most popular and fastest blades in the world! It's a 3-ply wood, 2-ply carbon, and it really looks similar in construction to the Schlager blade. The outer layer of Hinoki, and carbon layers are quite thin, but it has one quite thick inner layers. This blade really feels BLAZINGLY fast, it is also very RIGID, like the BTY Schlager and would no doubt be rated near the top of the OFF+ scale! If you looking for the Ultimate Speed Machine, then look no further.

This is once again a magnificent looking blade, that has excellent balance.

The Handle on all the Yinhe Blades feels very similar to the handles on Butterfly or Stiga blades, with the dimension nearly the same.

It feels more like a blade twice the price.
It is rated by the Manufacturer as an Offensive, I believe it feels more like an Offensive- Blade with good Control.

- Fitted play: fast attack, Smash & loop
- Yinhe blades made by blade-maker expert, Mr Han GuoHua
- Combining the best characteristics of famous European and Asian blades
- Yinhe blades are strictly treated with high temperature and use hi-tech manufacturing processes.

Reviews (8)

seguso  on 9/26/2012

this is a great blade if you are a skilled mid distance looper and your main problem is keeping the ball low in counterloop. Another reason to use it is to increase the speed of your opening loop. this blade is off+. very stiff. hardness is hard but not very hard. throw is very low and long. warning: looping balls close to table, in particular tricky services, will be difficult. if you can push well, you should have no problem. the blade has good touch, better than e.g. dawei wavestone, which is unstable, nonlinear. however the layer of wood above the carbon is still very thin (not as thin as wavestone though). this blade is very cheap (23$) at
starkey  on 5/16/2012

Teamed this blade up with Mark V 1.8 on each side. The blade is not very fast with the Mark V rubbers but the control is outstanding. (when compared with other carbon blades I own) This blade is not very heavy and doesn't feel very stiff like other carbon blades I have used. I think because of this, the blade is a little more forgiving, hence better control. I recommend this for players that are moving onto equipment that they want to use to start learning loop strokes.
ewing307  9 months ago

Clone of Schlager Carbon ,but control is much better than Schlager Carbon.
TTwdoa  on 7/2/2018

Mine is the t1s, all I can say is amazing. The only strange thing is it sounds like a balsa blade, fast+ is the the way I would describe it, you have to commit to the shot, to every shot really, oh and it's best to attack right after the serve and keep attacking. I am using it with the Stiga Calibra LT Plus on both sides, which may be the reason it sounds like a balsa blade, the rubber is rated as hard. It flicks like nothing I have ever used, close to the table control took a couple of games to figure out, the answer, wrist with good contact and it screams. It's funny, but it forced me to stay at the table more and attack because it just seemed possible. For such a fast and cheap blade, I am shocked. I wanted to get a blade similar to my Schlager Carbon I sold way back, nothing like it really, this combo reacts fast, so fast that initially I thought the rubber was not gripping the ball. At first I thought this is not working for me, but then, "Whoah". Sticking with this, it seems to reward aggression, just got to fire and forget. Tom.
boboho15  on 7/25/2017

Fast but lost control

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