Galaxy Venus V-14

Galaxy Venus V-14 Blade
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User Ratings (31)

Speed 9.0
Control 8.9
Stiffness 5.4   
Hardness 5.5   
Consistency 9.8   
Always identical
Overall 9.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 90
Control 80
Weight 87g
Plies 7
Thickness 5.8mm
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The Galaxy Venus V-14 blade is the 2010 replacement for the Galaxy K-4 blade. This means that the V-14 is a fast, smooth looping blade built in the same style as Japanese looping blades.

The V-14 did gain a little bit of weight in the transition (4g) and shed just a hair of speed, it is the controlled close to mid distance looping blade of the V series.

What is CarboKev?

Each layer of cloth is made up of two fibers, the vertical is Carbon Fiber while the horizontal is made of Kevlar fibers. This gives the sweet-spot of carbon, but less hard and harsh of a feel.

Reviews (17)

qvoliszz  on 9/29/2016

CLONE WARS! I was very happy to buy this blade. I have also tested it with an official butterfly importer and sportsman and he admitted, that this blade is a good clone. Maybe there is a bigger variation in production or some reviewers are too fanatic butterfly lovers, to negatively describe this blade. I believe this is a clone with 85-90% identity. It does vibrate only a bit more, because it contains karbon+kevlar instead of arylate carbon. Arylate absorbs much of the vibrations. This blade has a soft touch works well with medium to hard rubbers. Looping is easy, speed is a bit more than Timo Boll W5. Very precise blade with little vibration. Lifting is very nice, pushes drives smashes are powerful, but very controlled. I use it with Tibhar MX-P and Bluefire M2 on BH. The assembly of the blade is good. I can only recommend and hope that all buyers and owners recieve the same quality that I have. UPDATE! Still loving this blade, and using it with the rubbers mentioned above. During play I did some unintended crash tests. The top weener separates easily (limba) but overall, the blade is quite durable. I noticed, there is some variation in handle size, I bought a V16 and it had a slimmer FL handle, so I sandpapaered down my handle a bit. This blade works well with all modern attacking rubbers. Update 2016 (1 year old) - due to the sealing of the blade performs very well, I only adjusted the handle with a bit of sandpaper. Had my blade tested with other professionals, some did not like the M2-on it, but they admitted, that this blade is a good blade. So if you are not a Butterfly (TBs or TB ALC) fanatic, but you want a quality blade, consider this series as an option. UPDATE! (autumn 2016): I still have it and after many blades it is still my favourite, I'm using a Waldner WC '89 blade, changed MX-P to M1 on FH and teh blade still shines in play. To be honest if you are broke, buy a clone they absolutely worth it! 80-90% identity for 30-50% money, that is a deal!
vkvkvk  on 1/30/2013

I feel terible for not trying this blade before I buy many blade just to find the right one for me this year. I fell in love the first time I hit with this blade. Paired with Vega Pro and Europe, you'll find this blade can serve you many style. Speed and control is very balance, I can feel the ball on the blade without too much vibration. Finishing is also top notch, very professional. My suggestion, try this blade before you looking for others. Superb!
pentejo  on 1/5/2019

This is really not a bad blade, have tried with Palio ak47, DHS H3 nat and Tibhar mx--p, but my 30 years old Donic kevlar blade plays better. Nevertheless I will keep it as second choice
atifhassan  on 5/28/2018

I recently bought this blade from I am using this blade with DHS PF4 on FH and Mercury II on BH. Since long, I had been researching on different blades and finally reached the decision to buy it. The composition of this blade koto-carbokev-ayous-kiri-ayous-carbokev-koto attracted me to try it. Loops, blocks, long to mid distance play, chops, flicks everything I can do with this blade. It provides great control over placement specially you can place the ball as a counter attack. I tried down the line side spin serves and was 100% successful in winning the points. This blade provides excellent feedback and has huge sweet spot. Very professional blade. So far, I found no negative. I must say this is a very very high quality blade indeed and is all about speed, CONTROL, CONTROL and TOTAL CONTROL.
totoh  on 3/31/2018

I am a butterfly fanatic especially on blade selection due to quality and performance. This is my first time to try Yinhe blade, choosing venus-14 since reviews rate it close to my favorites TBS and TB-ALC. Installing medium-hard rubbers, venus-14 performs like TBS but heavier a bit. The additional weight is good for blocking near the table. Not to mention it only cost 1/3 of TBS price. I am just hoping the quality is at par with butterfly.

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