Galaxy Venus V-16

Galaxy Venus V-16 Blade
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Speed 9.4
Control 9.1
Stiffness 6.0   
Hardness 6.5   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.2   
Always identical
Overall 9.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 93
Control 80
Weight 85g
Plies 7
Thickness 6.0mm
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The Galaxy Venus V-16 blade is the 2010 replacement for the Galaxy K-6 blade. This means that the V-16 is a fast, smooth looping blade built in the same style as Japanese looping blades.

The V-16 fills the gap between the fast V-11 and the slightly more controlled V-14.

What is CarboKev?

Each layer of cloth is made up of two fibers, the vertical is Carbon Fiber while the horizontal is made of Kevlar fibers. This gives the sweet-spot of carbon, but less hard and harsh of a feel.

Reviews (2)

qvoliszz  on 9/29/2016

I was suprized, why is there no review on this blade, so I ordered one. As from a chinese manufacturer I set my standards for a wider range, as I expect a bit bigger variety in the production of a blade type. This particular V-16 blade tries to be a substitute of the famous Michael Maze blade from Butterfly. Let's see. Weight should be around 85 mine is 92,4. Thickness should be 5,9 mm, mine is 5,94 mm. I measured the veeners under a microscope and they are quite uniform thick at the head of the blade, there is a bigger variety at the handle. The surface veener was lacques and repolished in the factory, nice. The whole composition of the blade and the materials used seems a quality work. No trimming of carbon and kevlar fibers on the edges. So manufacturing seems nice, even in weight department Butterfly can vary 4g from the given value. Tempo and general sound of the blade seems an OFF+. The blade has a nice feeling. Ball feedback is really good and scales well with power. The soft touch is similar like the real Maze blade. The speed I think is a bit more, but it is very linear and adjustable. Dropping is piece of cake no matter if it is passive or punch drop. Looping is very dinamic with a fine touch. When smashing you can feel the ball and you can achieve very good kill shots. Ball placement is quite easy, the blade is a bit bouncy, but the rubber slows it to minimum. I believe both hard sponge rubbers and soft sponge rubbers are good for this blade. Many people say that they bought different pieces of the same model, well I believe mine is a bit heavier and a bit faster, then the average ideal model. Handle is very similar to the TB series. Overall all I can say this blade is a very nice clone of Michael Maze, around 80-90%. UPDATE: Tried with MAXXX 500 and T05 both sides, was not disappointed, a very nice offensive blade! It is comparable to fancy priced models!
dominus7  on 1/24/2019

This is a really good blade! Before to play with this I was using a Korbel, which is in any case a great blade too! But a bad hit and it broke between the face and handle, so no much to do. After that I changed to Viscaria but didn't like it because i felt it very fast and and crispy, V16 is slower than Viscaria and faster than Korbel, those blades sticked on MX-P and EL-P to FH and BH respectively. Feeling: Korbel>V16>Viscaria Speed: Viscaria>V16>Korbel Stiffness: Viscaria>V16>Korbel Control: Korbel>V16>Viscaria

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