Help Fund the “Top Spin” Documentary

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

There is a Kickstarter project to fund a new documentary featuring Arial Hsing, Lily Zhang, and Michael Landers. They are seeking to raise $75,000 by July 19, 2012. Please watch the video and have a look. I’ve already got my pledge in, I hope you will too! Note that you can get great prizes depending on the amount you choose to pledge.


FYI, the Kickstarter fundraising model works like this:

  1. The project starter sets a goal (in this case $75,000)
  2. People can pledge various amounts towards that goal
  3. If the goal is reached by the deadline, the money is withdrawn. If the goal is not reached, then your money is never taken.

It’s a great fundraising model, and I hope we can all make this documentary happen!


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