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Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Query by Stats

Did you know you can sort equipment by its characteristics? Apparently I hadn’t made this feature visible enough because people were requesting ways to do this.

At the top of each product category page (rubbers, blades, etc.) you’ll see an image of this table, which links off to a full-sized chart showing the top 50 products by characteristic.


You can click the headings, like Speed, Spin, Control, Ratings, Price, etc., to sort up or down.

Note that only products with at least 3 ratings of that characteristic will show up in the table. If it’s only got 2 ratings, you won’t see it.

If you’re an equipment junkie, this should make you drool.

Here are all of the product category charts.


Do you have any suggestions on how I can improve this feature?

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6 Responses to “Searching Equipment by Characteristic”

  1. Alec says:

    I found it pretty easily to be honest. >_>

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  2. GP says:

    cool !!…will share it ! 🙂

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  3. Leon says:

    The ratings should be an excellent guide. It is a very good feature in your website.
    However how are these ratings being rated? Who asigns the “points” for each category and equipment? Are these rated by players on their personal preferences and ‘feel’ ? e.g. Player A may rate his Donic rubber 9.8 for speed while another, Player B, may rate his Tenergy 64 9.7 – surely this is not comparing “apple to apple” isn’t it?
    I am trying to understand the ratings (not trying to criticize) and how I should use them for my purposes.

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    • Arthur Lui says:

      The rating points are based on the players’ own “feel”. It’s not scientifically measured. However as users compare the ratings on different equipment, they can get a sense for what would reasonably count as 9.5 and rate accordingly.

      And all of the ratings are averaging out each person’s ratings. So statistically, the reliability of a rubber that was rated 30 times should be fairly accurate relative to other rubbers also rated many times.

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  4. Leon says:

    Thanks, Arthur. I kind of figured it out that they are based on ‘feel’. And the average rating (based on 30) would be fairly meaningful. But most equipment does not have that high number of ratings. Which is unfortunate, given the huge amount and variety of equipment available in the market place and the somewhat lack of feedback from players (though you have 10,000+ subscribers). On top of it all, only players good and experienced enough can provide accurate feed-backs.

    Well, it’s back to trial and error with a tiny amount of feed-back from club players. This is not good for the game as players may get discouraged before they become good enough to enjoy the game.

    Currently manufacturers only provide surface information on their equipment. And if I guessed correctly, each manufacturer rate their equipment their own way, not following any uniform standards. Hopefully they will realise that this not good for the development of the game and devise a better and more standardised approach to rate equipment.

    However your efforts to provide some form of ratings are highly appreciated and is one of the best barring any better methods. My 2 cents worth of suggestion: please try to have the same player rate a number of equipment for better comparison. Still a monumental task, but how about concentrating on the top 20% of each equipment.

    Let’s struggle on while enjoying our game.

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