World Championship of Ping Pong in Las Vegas

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

World Championship of Ping Pong

To anyone who will be in the Las Vegas area, the World Championship of Ping Pong will be taking place at the Palms Resort in Las Vegas in February 7-8.

Tickets are Free. Get yours by calling the Pearl Box Office: (702) 942-7777.

Some of the top players competing will be:

  1. Stefan Feth (Germany)
  2. William Henzell (Australia)
  3. Paul Drinkhall (United Kingdom)
  4. Li Yang (China)
  5. Trevor Runyan (United States)

Adam Bobrow and Sean O’Neill will be appearing as special guests.

Deluxe Package

Or if you want to stay at the Palms for the full experience, there’s a special package (starting at $79) you can get that includes:

  • a deluxe room
  • tickets to the championship
  • free drinks

To reserve a room, visit

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4 Responses to “World Championship of Ping Pong in Las Vegas”

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  2. martinet says:

    Was able to attend while on vacation at Las Vegas. The spectator crowd was small but lively. Some of the early round contestants seems uncomfortable with the sandpaper bats, but the later round matches were exciting and displayed remarkable skill. I was impressed at the amount of spin some players were able to impart with sandpaper. The early round matches were 2/3 and the semis and finals were 3/5. Each contestant could substitute a white ball once a match for the standard yellow ball, with that point counting for two points.

    The singles winner was Maxim Shmyrev of Russia who defeated Ernesto Ebuen of the Philippines in the finals. Ebuen beat Israel’s Tahl Leibovitz in the semi’s and Shmyrev defeated France’s Michel Martinez who I thought was going to win the tournament based on his impressive hitting game and ability to loop with a hardbat. Shmyrev had a very close first round match with Trevor Runyan of the USA.

    Crowd favorites included Kazuyuki “Kazoo” Yokoyama of Japan for his flamboyant style and dress and sense of humor. Tal Leibobitz who displayed great courage and spirit despite exhaustion on account of not sleeping for several days was another favorite. The event was taped with several cameras (including one on a boom which hit a player on the head); I wish the sponsors success in televising the tournament.

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  3. Leon T. says:

    Saw some of the early round matches on FoxSW last night. Leibobitz and Ebuen were impressive in the matches I saw. Not the best televised event I have seen, but you do not see table tennis on TV very often. Some of rule changes were interesting. Some players adjusted better than others.

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  4. Jason Beare says:

    Where can the sandpaper paddle that was used in the competition be purchased?

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