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The table tennis coaching wiki is your source for tips and strategies for all the strokes like the Loop, Chop, Serve and more! Contribute your best tips and help make the best resource for free ping pong coaching advice!

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  1. Loop Stroke
  2. Sidespin shot
  3. Fish
  4. Counter Loop
  5. Smash
  6. Counter Hit
  7. Defensive Chop
  8. Push
  9. Drop Shot
  10. Flip/Flick
  11. Lob
  12. Block
  13. Chiquita (Serve Return)

Serves (Services)

  1. Forehand Pendulum Serve
  2. Tomahawk Serve
  3. Reverse Pendulum Serve
  4. Half-Long or Mid-Long Serves
  5. Serving Tips
  6. Hiding your Serve (Legally)


  1. Stepping Around
  2. Forehand Lunge Step


  1. Ball Placement
  2. Playing Against a Chopper
  3. Playing Against Long Pips
  4. Preparing for a Tournament
  5. Third-Ball Attack
  6. Playing Against a Penholder
  7. Fifth-Ball Attack
  8. Fourth-Ball Attack


  1. Falkenberg Drill
  2. Forehand Loop Spread
  3. Multi-Ball Drills


  1. How to Run a Table Tennis Club
  2. How to Run a Table Tennis Tournament


  1. Etiquette
  2. Improving Your Game on a Budget
  3. Cleaning Your Rubber
  4. Rule Changes Since 2000

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