Improving Your Game on a Budget

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Table tennis coaching can be expensive, along with those $2000 robots. Here are some tips for improving your game without spending too much cash.

  1. Video Analysis.
    Record your practice and matches (especially tournament matches) to see the problems with your strokes and strategy. You'd be amazed at the faults you'll see immediately which you couldn't see without video tape.
  2. Train with Purpose.
    When you go to the ping pong club, don't just fool around and play games. Devote about 70% of your time doing proper drills, and 30% applying it to games.
  3. Training Partner.
    Find a training partner who is just as serious as you so you can make the most of your practice time. Avoid players who only like playing games.
  4. Learn Online for Free.
    Go on forums online and discuss strategy and strokes. Become a student of the game. There are great free resources available.
  5. Ask for Criticism.
    Post your video online and ask forum members to give their feedback. Humble yourself and take their constructive criticisms to heart. You'll get a lot of good advice at no cost.
  6. Watch Videos of the Professionals.
    By getting into the habit of watching the pros, you'll eventually pick up little tidbits about strokes and strategy. You'll notice patterns of how players react to different situations, what strokes they decide to use at what times, etc.

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