Playing Against Long Pips

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Long pips players can be very tricky with this rubber. You may have a lot of trouble if you're not used to the effects of long pips.

Long pips generally come in two main varieties: Reversing Spin and Nullifying Spin. Some pips will easily turn your underspin push into a fast topspin ball, and some do not reverse very much, producing more of a wobbly knuckle ball (no-spin).

Some players are not good at blocking spinny loops with the pips, so try spinny loops and see if it exposes a weakness.

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Reversing pips can be quite manageable once you know that it consistently reverses your spin. Your topspin loops will be blocked and come back as underspin, and your underspin shots will become topspin.

Reversing pips players often like to punch your underspin pushes, which makes a fast ball with moderate topspin. Be aware of this stroke, so you can expect it when you give them underspin.

Here are some more tips:

  1. Choose what spin to give when you serve.
    During the serve you have complete control. Realize that your opponent will likely use the pips to block, and will reverse your spin. If you're uncomfortable with the spins, try giving no-spin serves so you'll get a no-spin ball back.
  2. Aim at the non-pips side.
    If you aim your serve (or rally shots) at the opponent's non-pips side, they may be forced to use that side instead, so you can avoid the pips.
  3. Keep track of the spin you give.
    Keep your mind aware of the spin you are producing, since the pips will reverse it. When you lose track you're likely in trouble.

There is a good article about 'Playing Against Long-Pips' at


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