How to Run a Table Tennis Tournament

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Tournaments are a lot of fun and can generate a lot of interest and bring in a few bucks for fundraising. Here are some things to consider.

  1. Location. Where will you host the tournament? Will a school rent its gym to you, or will a local church offer up space?
  2. Tables. Can you find a club that will rent its tables to you? Or you can buy tables and sell them after the tournament, though this is not very cost-effective.
  3. Waivers. Make sure to have players sign a waiver that clears you of legal liability if players get injured while playing in the tournament.
  4. Prizes. Will you offer trophies or cash as prizes? Are the cash prizes suitable for the entry fee you're charging? Find local dealers to offer prizes or sponsor the event to help cover your costs. Dealers may have a raffle, or sell on the tournament grounds.
  5. Entry fees. Try to keep the entry fees reasonable, figure out your costs and how much it will take to make a profit or break even.
  6. Sanctioning. Will your tournament be sanctioned? If so, players' results can count towards their national ratings.
  7. Insurance. Will you need insurance in case of an accident?
  8. Accessibility. Is your location accessible? Is it near a subway station for people who don't drive? Are there sufficient places to buy food in the area for lunch?
  9. Rules. Clearly state the rules of the tournament. What happens if a player is late for their match, are they defaulted immediately?
  10. Format. Typically, tournaments start with a round robin, followed by single elimination.
  11. Date. Is the date convenient? Is it in conflict with other events?
  12. Referees and umpiring. Who will referee the matches? Do the playing players referee themselves or have the non-playing player in the round robin group do it?
  13. Promotion. How will you promote your tournament? Posting on forums? Posters? Advertising to the school population? Using social media like Facebook and MySpace?


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