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If you're just getting back into the game after a long hiatus (before the year 2000), you'll need to get briefed on updates in the rules.

  1. 40mm balls.
    The size of the ball has grown from a 38mm diameter to 40mm, which has helped to slow the game down. Dump your old balls.
  2. No hiding your serve.
    When you serve, you can't leave your free arm out to cover your serve, you now have to show your serve visibly, particularly the contact point when the racket hits the ball. At no point can the ball be hidden from the opponent's view.
  3. Red and black rubbers.
    Rubbers must be red and black. You cannot have a black-and-black or red-and-red combination. This rule was put in place to help the opponent see which rubber is which when a player uses a funky anti-spin rubber on one side and regular spinny rubber on the other.
  4. Games to 11.
    Games no longer go to 21 points, they go to 11, and usually you play a best 3 out of 5 games to win the match.
  5. 2 serves each.
    You don't serve 5 times each, you serve twice before switching. 

That's basically it since 2000. If you haven't played in decades, you may not have realized that we've switched to sponged rubbers as well, not hardbats.

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