Coach Wiki Structure

In order to properly contribute to the wiki you need to understand the structure. Elements of the wiki:

  1. Page

    A page is the one-page wiki document, containing sections. All text and information is part of a section within the page There is a section for related pages which are simply pages which are linked as a sub-page of the current one. Each of those sub-pages is a regular page but happens to have a parent page.

  2. Custom Section

    The custom section (example Overview) is simply a text field where you can enter text (and images). You can create more sections and name it whatever you like. Even the Overview section is a custom section, so you can rename it to something else.

    To add images, there is an icon to click for that. Then you can upload an image from your computer, and insert it into that section.

  3. Related Wiki Pages Section

    This is a special section for sub-pages of the current page. Each of these related pages is a page in itself, and can have its own related pages of its own. So each of the related pages is a "child" of the current page, which is the "parent".

  4. Videos Section

    This section is a special section just for videos that are currently in the Table Tennis Database Video Library. You can link these videos to a wiki page and it will show up in this section.

    Please note that videos must be in the Video Library in order to be linked. If it's not, you must add the video (ie: YouTube video) to the library first, then you can link it to the wiki page.

  5. Related Links Section

    This section is a special section just for links to other websites (or even within this website). Add the webpage address and a label. Link to other resources related to that page.