Wiki Guidelines (Coach Wiki)

In order to make this the best wiki available, we need to follow certain guidelines:

  1. Include disagreeing viewpoints.
    If you encounter something that you don't agree with, include both opinions without removing the other. Let the reader decide.

    Example: Instead of saying that loud celebration is rude, say:
    "Some people consider Cho'ing loudly to be inconsiderate" which shows both viewpoints, instead of stating that it is right or wrong.

  2. Before adding/editing content, look through the wiki structure and pages.
    You can avoid making duplicate sections or pages by looking through the wiki pages and finding the right section to add to.

  3. Formatting is good, but not that good.
    Formatting like Bold and Italic are good, but don't overdo it and bold entire paragraphs, otherwise it makes things harder to read.