Donic Stress

Donic Stress Net Set
Approx. $ 58 USD
Price $

User Ratings (12)

Durability 9.0   
Lasts a long time!
Tension 9.5   
Professional-grade tightness
Overall 9.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Tension Type Pull-string with hook-on beads
Mount Standard screw-on
A top-quality net from Donic.

Reviews (7)

Smarzaro  on 12/4/2014

Excellent net and support. Ridiculous easy and quick to set up. Made with top quality material and has a good price. Can't think in a weak point.
artrook  on 8/23/2014

Top quality professional net set quality built with performance, user convenience and durability in mind. Highly recommended!
Jacco  on 10/16/2013

A very good net which you can get tight. it´s easy to take down and set up!
The_Coach  on 2/23/2010

Professional quality, the price is right. You don't need anything better. If you look after a net buy this one you won't regret it!
atombombed  on 10/2/2009

these nets are the best out there for me i have not been able to find a better net than this one my club use these nerts and they have for years they are sio good i would reccomend them to anyone or any cklub who enters teams in the leauge or tournaments this is not the net for in the garage it is to good you can just buy cheaper onesx i would reccomend this to any level of play with a decent standard

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