Friendship/729 755-2 Mystery

Friendship/729 755-2 Mystery Pips
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Speed 4.7
Spin 4.3
Control 7.8
Deception 6.7
Reversal 6.1
Weight 3.3   
Sponge Hardness 3.0   
Medium soft
Consistency 6.0   
Occasional variations
Durability 2.5   
Not very durable
Overall 8.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.0
Spin 8.0
Control 9.0
Type Long pips
It is designed with new formulations and precise particle structure and created a new style of half long pimples. Pimpled rubber is small, dense, easy down. The rotation is strong, the speed is fast, the return is very fluid. It acts as a defense against loop drive, and is specifically designed for affection strange ball feeling as well as the pursuing defense and counter-attack technology player.

Reviews (4)

tajny89  on 1/28/2019

My video review:
kleptoman  on 11/7/2015

Good long pips rubber. Quite defensive as I found difficult to attack with it. Attack would be flat or kind of slice attack. Otherwise good control, good for blocking and with 0.8 sponge still slower. I diverted to 837 III and found it much better, easier to play with, better control and attack. 837 III gave 30% better winning success.
vanjr  on 10/9/2012

I was a little taken back by the description as a medium pip, but this is clearly a LP that chops pretty well and hits very well on blades with higher flex. I have it on an LQ2 and it plays somewhat similar to the much more expensive P4 chop by TSP-hits similar but has less control on chopping. Highly recommend.
Anonymous  on 2/19/2011

this rubber is definitely not a medium pip, it has a pip structure like JOOLA orca, tall thin pips that are easily bent. this long pips ruber has decent reversal for a pip which can attack very well...the attacking ability on my custom made superbalsa core 7.4mm birch penhold is excellent and effortless. chopping ability is great, so is blocking and pushing due to the medium low throw. rather insensitive to spin, but one has to be careful being careless against backspin. dont use it on anything harder than a joo se hyuk blade, because then the attacking ability will drop.

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