Friendship/729 755

Friendship/729 755 Pips
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Speed 6.0
Spin 4.7
Control 7.2
Deception 7.2
Reversal 6.0
Weight 3.0   
Sponge Hardness 4.6   
Consistency 6.6   
Occasional variations
Durability 6.3   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 7.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 5.0 / 10
Spin 6.0 / 10
Control 7.0 / 10
Deception 8.5 / 10
Type Long pips
There are 6 users using the Friendship/729 755.
R.I.T.C. 755 is a king of long rubber developed and produced by Tianjin Rubber Industry Research Institute which has accumulated many years of experience. It has the despun property and the following characteristics: batting and lowering, strong toughness and drift return route, having the function of guarding against loop drive, If used together with 729, it will generate strong power to make the opponent feel puzzled. It has long been called magic idiozome and was once used by Ms.Deng Yaping, the world champion.

Reviews (16)

TableTennisAbomination  7 months ago

I've used 755 with .6 and 1mm sponge so far. On hard blades, it plays very simply, and is better for close to the table blocking. Not much of the deception or knuckle ball effect some people look for when using long pips. It also is a little fast for chopping unless you play far from the table in which case its perfect. On softer blades, it is a much more versatile long pips. Pushing is easy, blocking is deceptive, chopping is still great, and hitting thru spin is also fun. Flipping backspin into topspin is much easier as well. If you have the timing, fake looping against a loop creates a great dead ball with an arc, very deceptive but also tough to do. Its a great all around long pips. If you have a preferred style (close blocking, hitting, chopping) you might not like this rubber. Also for roughly $10 a sheet, it makes for a fun experiment if nothing else.
guusvansoer  on 8/31/2018

Not a very special long pips. It is a good pips to learn the basic strokes for beginner. Good for close to table play but it is not made for modern defender.
Silk  on 12/25/2017

December 25th, 2017 Monday 8:00pm For most people I think that the OX version will offer the best experience. The sponge can make things very rewarding or punishing depending on how it's used. With the 1.0 sponge, the ball comes out really weird, and feels suited for distance (from the table). However, the lack of control (when playing close to the table), and the unpredictable throw angle make it hard to play. The 0.6 sponge is a little less rewarding but much more forgiving; and better for close to the table play. The OX version on the other hand has the best control, with the only drawback being that the wobble effect is not that drastic compared to the sponge versions.
CottonEyeJoe  on 10/25/2017

Tried ox and on two blades. On the stiff all+ blade, I found it really good for blocks and attacks. Blocks would always trick my opponents, and attacks sent receives into the net. On a more flexible blade, 755 can also chop! Chops can be played away from table, but ox lacks in spin. Overall great rubber, but maybe too fast for a defensive style. Would recommend ox for blockers and thin sponge for defenders.
pippy  on 8/4/2015

OMG it is spin sensitive as well!!!! Usually very dependable against my typical lower level opponents I have confirmed that the shorter 1.5 - 1.8 mm pips, smooth, relatively spaced-out, can not take high spin loops. They will shoot up even on a solid blocking blade like my R2. It returned so well, so many spinny serves, and blocked with good depth, and even has a good wobbly effect, and attacking properties, but as I have a new training partner, I can now go through all my pips with a fine comb, er blade rather. It's good as a starter but later on you will need a better pip to keep the blocks low and on the table. Rats! If you are set on using it because it is still effective to use, a slower blade is the better option vs the good loopers and make sure there is a heavier fh rubber for stability. Just 2 more cents: It's easy to use and control in ave. rallies and has lower friction than pogo/837/talon so better for returning bs serves even though it concedes to high amounts of top spin.

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