Friendship/729 LEGEND 105

Friendship/729 LEGEND 105 Pips
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User Ratings (11)

Speed 8.8
Spin 6.7
Control 8.8
Deception 4.5
Weight 0.9   
Feather light
Sponge Hardness 1.1   
Consistency 6.9   
Occasional variations
Durability 10.0   
Lasts a long time!
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.5
Spin 4.5
Control 9.0
Deception 4.0
Type Short pips
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Un caucho muy equilibrado

Reviews (9)

pitigoi  on 3/19/2019

My first sheet, red and from 2015, was only 23g glued. Better than 802-40 in all respects, except maybe more sensitive to spin. My second and third sheets, red and black, were 34g and 33g respectively, glued. All three with 1.9mm sponge. Classical type pip, not bouncy.
markwen  on 4/10/2018

Don't believe the hype. There is not much spin in it, despite of speed and control is OK. It is just like a typical middle pimple rubber, e.g. dawei 388c-1. TSP Spectol 21 is definitely better than this one in terms of spin, control and ease of use. I am kind of disappointed. Update : after another session, I can confirm that it behalves like a MP, chops can go high easily, low spin - it's very close to dawei 388c-1, but the latter is just less than half of the cost. Not good value for money. This rubber and those MPs can only be paired with stiff top ply blades to get most of its performance.
DiogoPadilha  on 10/18/2017

Im a rph player and use this rubber on my backhand just to finish points and sometimes break the rhythm in the short game. I just can say that a loved this pips by the first time. Excelent speed, nice control and can generate good spin when you hit the ball properly. Its not so deceptive, but very good to receive serves. Also it has a very soft green sponge that makes the touch awesome. I have 2 of them in 1.9mm (black and red) and 1 in 1.7mm (red), to me 1.9 mm is much better cause, like I said, I use pips to atack and 1.9mm is faster and gives a better arc. I put a 1.9mm on the FH of a spair blade (Xiom Extreme S) and it was a good surprise. Seems sometimes like a inverted rubber, just amazing.
Iloveanti  on 8/15/2016

Tried 1.7 36 and 38 degree, 1.9 36 degree, on the BH of different blades “Nimatsu def light and an old Galaxy 6-ply all wood blade). The rubber is a “raw” short pips rubber (less spinny than the “cooked” material, such as friendship 802-40), which is the same material for some mid-pips rubber, eg. Friendship 563. The rubber is quite spinny compare to other “raw” mid-pips rubber, able to serve back-spinned ball forcing the opponent to chop or loop with some effort to return the ball. When fast driving or using inverted rubber stroke, the trajectory of the ball is similar to those inverted rubbers, and is able to do inverted loop against moderate back spinned ball and pips style roll loop against all kind of back spin. But when punching in pips style stroke, the ball flies flatter. The soft but elastic pips bend a little bit when blocking fast spinny incoming ball and make some spin reversal, so the ball was slightly sinking, forcing the opponent harder to loop again. The sponge is soft but fast, as fast as those sponge with built-in speed glue effect, but with more linear power output and feels more controllable than the speed glue effected sponge. One interesting observation on the rubber is that, the sponge and rubber can be separated easily by using a clamp or a pair of chopsticks when being heated in boiling water, then pair the top sheet with some thin (1.0mm or less) and hard sponge, more spin reversal and disturbing effect can be achieved when blocking or punching against loop. In addition, the rubber is quite insensitive to incoming spin, but the pips on the black one is slightly harder and less elastic than the red one, making it slightly more insensitive to spin than the red one, but the red one produces more sinking effect on the ball than the black one when blocking loop. In conclusion, this rubber is a true allround short pips with attributes of inverted rubber, short pips, mid pips and long pips rubber, which is just amazing.
McPat715  on 3/1/2015

Very very soft with a fabulous control. It's the number one of short pips rubber ;-)

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