Bomb Talent

Bomb Talent Pips
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User Ratings (11)

Speed 5.0
Spin 5.2
Control 7.9
Deception 8.2
Reversal 7.2
Weight 1.5   
Sponge Hardness 2.7   
Medium soft
Consistency 8.1   
Always identical
Durability 5.0   
Average durability
Overall 8.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 70
Spin 60
Control 70
Type Long pips
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One of the most versatile long pimple rubbers. Relatively slow with decent spin reversal and excellent control. Most suitable for a close to the table blocking/pushing style game, although still quite effective for chopping. A popular choice for those changing from frictionless (although spin reversal is quite a bit less), but adjustments are obviously required.

Reviews (8)

AdrianVeres  on 2/4/2019

Hello again , i was able to test Bomb Talent ox , compared with Dornenglanz it have much more control and is the same in terms of disturbing effect!!!! It was better than Dornenglanz on empty balls. Chop-Block was verry good and is loaded with much rotation and short over the net! Also the passive block was very good, short and zig zag traiectory. Thanks to Geblock tt who inspired me to use this pimple. No susceptibility to incoming cuts and verry good on medium fast topspin !!! My blade is a cheap , stiff and hard combi wood with carbon fiber and cork plies on long pimple side, it pair well with Bomb Talent!!!!I think this is my new weapon on plastic balls!
Dream_is_Reality  on 1/28/2017

The nastiest chops I've seen were produced by this lp in ox. And... I find it easier to hit with than with others.
pippy  on 8/5/2015

It's another chinese style pip like 531, 755, pogo with smooth tops but after 3 months it's got too much friction for my liking and is susceptible to high top spin. It did give disturbing balls due to the tall long pips grabbing on to the ball and you could feel the friction. Now I know why 755 is the easier pip out of the lot because you don't feel the friction as much which I like.
firetack  on 7/7/2014

I tried on Defplay Senso in ox black,Ilike the black better than the red the pips are softer,chop better and reversal when blocking was better(pips bend more for wobble),even control is better the two colurs are like different rubbers imo.compared to a 388d a little faster and a lower trajectory when blocking and less spin sensitiv e with a little more reversal and good attacking ability,I am impressed and will train with this rubber to get ready for next season update:also found useful for chopping away from the table there is no slipping off the pips like with 388d,sideswipe attack is now a new weapon for me,this rubber can do it all,havn`t found a weakness yet
santilohi  on 4/28/2012

Utilizada( con una madera LKT.Puma, transformable) , con y sin esponja .aunque OX puede ser das da±ina , la prefiero con esponja de 0,6mm ,mas apropiada para atacar y golpear a la pelota ,causando casi el mismo efecto nocivo que sin esponja. y para mi hasta ahora ,una de las gomas de picos mas da±inas que existen en el mercado . superando a la Pogo posiblemente y quizas menos da±ina que la Thibar D-Techs .no probada todavia , aunque he jugado contra ella . con gomas lisas ,estrellandome.valga la palabra. .- Palio 531 A Y Friendship 755 837 .( (979 no probada) Tsp Curltp-H, no de mi agrado . Hace mas da±o que la NEPTUNO ,(esta ultima ,goma polivalente),pero no controla tanto ,ni va tambien para picar incluso de golpes suaves de Top Spiny hasta de derecho. La utilizo en el lado de reves de color negro,,normalmente , como segunda pala .hasta ahora ,comparada ultimamente con Dawei 388 D-1 ,no controla tanto como esta ultima y es tan desestabilizadora o mas ,puesto que incluso en los saques la Dawei hace mas da±o. Le bajo la puntuacion dada anteriormente y la subo a la Dawei 388D-1 que me gusta mas y es mas facil de utilizar , controlando mas

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