Butterfly Challenger Attack

Butterfly Challenger Attack Pips
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User Ratings (18)

Speed 8.0
Spin 7.1
Control 8.7
Deception 6.3
Weight 3.0   
Sponge Hardness 4.4   
Consistency 8.5   
Always identical
Durability 5.8   
Average durability
Overall 8.8 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.5 / 10
Spin 6.5 / 10
Type Short pips
There are 10 users using the Butterfly Challenger Attack.
Ideal for the pips-out player looking for more spin variation as well as easy control over the opponent's shots. CHALLENGER-ATTACK produces far more spin than normal pimpled-out rubbers. Used by U.S. Women's champion, Gao Jun.

Reviews (11)

Michael  on 9/23/2010

It is a very good short pips rubber. As a penhold player, challenger can give an excellent control to the loop. Good balance betwen defentive and offentive.
whiddon  1 months ago

I played competitively from 1970 to 1994, then left the game and returned in 2016 at age 64. I returned with long pips on backhand but didn't have much fun since I could not attack on my backhand consistently. Talked with a 2300 player who just switched his backhand to Butterfly Challenger Attack so I tried it. Fantastic control and I can flat hit or loop a little with my backhand. Challenger Attack is great at touch shots as well. I am an 1800 level senior who would like to find the best blade and rubber combination so I am interested in input on Impartial XS and Raystorm or another short pips rubber that would increase speed and have strong control. I use an ebenholz nct v table tennis blade with Tibhar MX-S max rubber on forehand. I was a strong forehand looper previously, but now it seems I flat kill most forehands. If anyone wants to email me Gary Whiddon gary@hpo.biz with input please do. I wonder if a different blade would be beneficial with the rubber. I am playing great now with Challenger Attack 1.9, but just wanting to improve. Thanks
Davey1  1 months ago

Soft and spinny short pips. One of the best with the Clippa
ronron  on 8/18/2015

Butterfly challenger has a good balance between attack and defence. For a short pip it has different gears. I play it as a defensive backhand rubber because it has a nice soft controllable touch. It's quite deceptive in giving spin to the ball depending on the hitting angle. Hitting and blocking goes easy. Playing it as an attacking rubber, that's in the name. ;) (challenger attack )
Frogger  on 1/21/2015

Challenger Attack is a very nice quality pips rubber. Great for service return, fast block, smash, and controlled loop. Medium fast speed. Works great for combi players with inverted on one side. Has a slight deceptive quality which is common for short pips. Pips are broad and soft. Highly recommended for players who used to use inverted on their BH and are seeking a bit of deception. Great for flicks, quick counters, and pushing close to table. A do all short pips rubber.

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