Butterfly Feint Soft

Butterfly Feint Soft Pips
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User Ratings (6)

Speed 5.4
Spin 5.7
Control 8.2
Deception 4.5
Reversal 4.4
Weight 2.0   
Sponge Hardness 0.5   
Consistency 8.3   
Always identical
Durability (not rated)
Overall 8.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Type Long pips
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Reviews (5)

Frutz  on 8/29/2014

It plays like And easy invert rubber like butter adoy but is a long pip, that have very few invert, so i will try to hit o cut a lot my shots, forgot to put the blade only, you need to know alot off spin variation to use it, i love to play ox very few friccion so whis these i need to hit the ball whith diferent cains of spin y will se if i can control these.
pippy  on 8/1/2014

For a sponge pip its speed is comparable to 837 OX. 6+. feint soft can only be purchased with 1.5 soft white sponge 25 defrees i think. vs slow balls the ball gets buried into the pips and feels really slow. feels like it leaves even slower and drops short. vs fast shots the ball springs off fast and is harder to control. at the table you will have to close block a topspin like if you were playing with inverted. the advantage is that you can twiddle and the lp plays like an inverted because of the sponge so you can use regular strokes. other lps cant do this (well thicknesses < 1.5). I can hit-the- ball-off-the-wall-drill with this but with anyother lp its 1 hit rally. I'll give it a 6.0 only bec.I'm not into sponge LP but pros do use it.
ilikepie  on 12/25/2010

a very good consistent long pip. good for chopping with lots of variation of spin, also good for hitting against topspin, blocking close to the table through spin though some skill is required and smashing. topspins well for a long pip. has a medium high throw angle, higher than sriver FX i think. it does not give an ultimate feeling of invincibility like ctt national pogo.soft and light, has some gears for close to the table play. a good beginner long pip for the aggressive defensive player. i use it on a joo se hyuk blade, and it pairs well with the soft sponge. some reversal is attained on soft touch shots, like blocks. i cant really give a rating for durability, but this factor seems like it will last a long time. overall, a very good long pip.
Anonymous  on 11/30/2010

I gave this pip 10 because its high quality! But I can't fully control the light 25 deg sponge when returning serves. Slight wrist motions in the forward direction will cause the ball to scoot off my bat unlike OX 755. Feels great in the rally but U may not get that far if U cant make the return. For advanced players who like sponge or new choppers who want that cushy feel.
Niklas  on 5/30/2008

Defence isn't very good, but you can block topspins at the table

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