Dawei 388B-1

Dawei 388B-1 Pips
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Speed 8.5
Spin 7.0
Control 7.8
Deception 3.0
Weight 4.0   
Sponge Hardness 3.2   
Medium soft
Consistency 5.0   
Occasional variations
Durability (not rated)
Overall 8.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 7.5 / 10
Spin 6.0 / 10
Control 6.7 / 10
Deception 0.0 / 10
Type Short pips
There are 1 users using the Dawei 388B-1.
The featutes of Dawei Table Tennis bats with 388B Pips Out rubber: High elasticity and speed, has some friction, can make a spinning ball. Suitable for our traditional attacking of close to table and block on backhand and forehand attack

Reviews (4)

Jonlsl  on 11/24/2015

Good speed on a fast carbon blade or 7mm 7ply wood blade. Funny cracked ball sound when hitting. Using it on backhand. My rubber was red 2.0mm 35deg orange sponge. Good control. Easy to return sidespin and underspin serves and shots. Great for blocking and drives with decent amount of spin created if needed. Very good rubber for transition to SP. 2.0mm sponge gives you enough spin and doesn't bottom out on harder hits and makes this SP feel like an inverted rubber but yet you still have most of the advantages of a SP. Highly recommended for transitioning from high grip and tacky inverted to pips out rubber.
Anonymous  on 3/19/2010

Good for pushing and block. can also spin.
agooding2  on 3/29/2008

Same topsheet as 802-40 but softer and dynamic Dawei sponge makes this a great rubber for a pips out attacker who still wants to generate some spin. Good for those coming from inverted rubber.
cole_ely  on 3/28/2008

This topsheet is a ringer for 802-40. Typical sponge is 1.8 35deg. Highly underrated short pips, I think.

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