Dawei 388C-1

Dawei 388C-1 Pips
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User Ratings (12)

Speed 7.0
Spin 5.7
Control 7.3
Deception 6.2
Reversal 5.0
Weight 4.4   
Sponge Hardness 5.0   
Consistency 7.2   
Occasional variations
Durability 5.8   
Average durability
Overall 8.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 6.5 / 10
Spin 5.5 / 10
Control 6.0 / 10
Type Medium pips
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Reviews (8)

Anonymous  on 1/19/2010

The medium pips out rubber plays just like advertised. The rubber produces extremely low trajectory balls and is able to scrub off spin from looped balls. It is a great defensive rubber for those who like close to the table blocks. The rubber is able to generate enough spin to attack easily. It is considerably less spinny than 729 802, 802-40, 799 and slightly less spinny than 563. It has a taller and smoother nib with less density per square inch than 563, which to me is the closest medium pip to it. Loopers who play against it will hate playing you because of the large variance of flat and slightly spinny balls with low trajctory they will receive from it. Because of the low trajectory you have to remind yourself to hit "high", just the opposite of most short pips. If you plan to use inverted on the other side of the paddle, this is a difficult rubber to use since the throw angle differential between the two will be huge. I like playing with 388 C-1 with a thinner sponge, like .6 or 1.0 mm for the greatest control. It also plays very well with 1.5 mm sponge for more speed but less control and maybe less deception. It doesn't reverse like a long pip, but gives you more options on spin and quick attack.
MartyC  4 months ago

Medium pips , close to short pips. Very good offensive ability , I am playing version 1,2mmm (for me the best mixing between attack an all around), after long pips OX and Giant gragon 612 1,5mm. Dawei 388 C1 rubber give me very good allround offensive possibility in my style close to table allround attacker.Update 1.7.19: My curent setup is C1 1,8mm , after I tried 12-1,5-1,8mm and after 1 Saisson with Killer Pro. Key word due change from Killer Pro is Weight. DC1 in the some thickness is in average lighter. Ny setup come from 191 gramm to 176 gramm.Playing ability C1 is similar as Killer Pro - better offence and no so weird behavior.
Amilcar  9 months ago

A while ago I played with 563.So I am a bit familiar with medium pips.I have the 388c-1 with 1.5mm sponge glued on my Darker Hinoki 2A 7mm.Fairly good all around medium pips and inexpensive.Should try it before spending on more expensive medium pips(Dr.Neubauer).Personally I prefer to play with LP.
master_f  on 10/2/2017

nice one! but it's a bit difficult to use, more hard time to adjust the Special Power of this Medium Pimpled by the Dawei...fantastic!
Gloriana72  on 9/10/2016

Nice medium pips out rubber for players who fancy the allround game close to the table and wish to open the balls from backhand, attaching in every chance, as well. The deception is pretty good on allround blades than off blades, however lucks of good control.

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