DHS 651

DHS 651 Pips
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User Ratings (12)

Speed 8.4
Spin 7.0
Control 7.6
Deception 8.2
Weight 6.0   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 5.3   
Consistency 8.3   
Always identical
Durability 10.0   
Lasts a long time!
Overall 8.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 8.5 / 10
Spin 6.5 / 10
Control 8.0 / 10
Deception 3.0 / 10
Type Short pips
There are 2 users using the DHS 651.
DHS 651 is a short pips for the near table attack, good block and push.

Reviews (7)

wanghaoch  on 10/6/2017

very good
mrneutron  on 12/31/2016

I've played penhold pips all my life. I've changed to a custom built balsa core thin kevlar medium fast paddle from a custom very fast hard carbon for the older 40 celluloid ball. I've tried 3 rubbers to get a deader, weirder more control game; the 651, Kokutaku 119, and Globe 889 (see those reviews when they are up). I've dedicated myself to a classic Chinese penhold pips, block/forehand attack game with an smooth RPB. Keep this in mind for this review. In short, I don't recommend this rubber. This version is different from one about 6-7 years ago, different from the one when the ball was 38. The older version had cylindrical pips but broke at the base after 3 or 4 sessions. So this new version I just got, had a bigger diameter but not as big as 652, although taller. It can give a heavy dead block but is very inconsistent and hard to control. The hit is dead but very hard to control and hit consistently. 652 plays better in all these respects but less weird blocking because the pips are shorter. I've only played a bit with the 652 so I don't have a full review
lexprimaenoctis  on 5/19/2014

The rubber works well if I play active attacking game, it is fast and bouncy, so I need to be careful about the racket angle when blocking. It is much more affected by spin than e.g. friendship 563 and not really forgiving in returning serves. Good rubber but needs time to understand it and know what to expect from all kinds of hits. Best deception is when you hit through the ball close to the table with medium speed but dont rely only on its deception. Highly recommended for experienced short pips players.
TripleC  on 6/17/2012

This is one heck of a blade! It's heavy, and it is absolutely hard to control! I'll say its great, and I'm scared to use it, but in a good way. I kinda experimented to use it on a penhold blade. Boy, it is heavy for pips alright.
OldSouthPaw  on 5/3/2012

OMG is this stuff HEAVY. Its about 10 gr per side heavier than inverted with thick sponge.

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